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TERA PC - General Discussion: Archer skills bugged after v80 patch?
Not sure if anyone else is experiencing the same issue, but I've recently begun to notice that my archer's charged skills sometimes don't do damage at all. That includes Radiant Arrow, Penetrating Arrow & even Gust Arrow, which led to a loss of DPS. I once fully charged up Gust Arrow & released it straight at the boss, and when I did, there were no skill animation or effects and no damage dealt to the boss whatsoever, but it still went on cooldown, which confused the hell out of me. Then there's the other issue where, at times, Radiant Arrow & Penetrating Arrow would release itself even BEFORE the skill was fully charged (I swear I never lifted my finger off the key). I never had this problem till after the v80 patch. Any other archers have the same problem, or is it just me?
Best thread I seen in a long time =)
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