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Console General Discussion: Nerf valkyries pls.
Console General Discussion#1 TLX04/14/2019, 06:21 AM
I was dueling a 433 valk with my 428 slayer, i lose all the duels about 10 times, and no it is not caused i am bad, it is caused of the [filtered] e d stun and the [filtered] i ng knockdowns and the holy ilvl does not help. Even with my serker lose. Pls nerf valks,there are enough op.
They already nerfed valks. Valks blood flower stun used to be 4 seconds now it only 3 and they removed the staggering from backstab that valks had. As a slayer you should be using tenacity to gain stun immunity for 5 seconds. Slayers also get multiple abilities that make them knockdown immune: knockdown strike, whirlwind, hearthrust. If you get good with timing when to use them it makes it nearly impossible for any1 to knockdown a slayer. Your zerkers is SOL tho. Zerkers get tenacity like slayers and they also get a knockdown immune ability as well but zerkers are too slow to be able to compete with valks in a 1v1 scenario. It also doesn't really matter if its a valk either. Ninja destroys zerkers, so do slayers and warriors. Zerkers are too bulky and slow for 1v1s against fast classes who know how to avoid them during stun/stagger immunes. The issue with your sorc is purely based on skill/ ilvl. If it was pre update I would say that valk had a class advantage but they took it away with the arsenal patch.
Console General Discussion#3 TLX04/14/2019, 04:05 PM
So i should use more often my slayer cus the berserker is slow and can not compete with faster chars,ok.
Console General Discussion#4 DatGeek04/14/2019, 09:16 PM
Unskilled players always complain the most when it comes to PVP, in any online game. The second they lose a duel "NERF!11" since it's definitely because the other player is playing an OP class/character, or they're cheating, right? It never has anything to do with skills, right? :lol:
This subject does not know the fact that i already have it on ignore list (since day 1), i do not need to read what s h i t she vomit and is very grateful and rewarding.
Console General Discussion#6 RomZ04/26/2019, 03:43 AM
Wew... he better not duel a good warrior pvp then xD
Console General Discussion#7 TLX05/01/2019, 02:46 PM
Yeah,he better duel castanic males so they know their places.
Console General Discussion#8 DatGeek05/01/2019, 03:56 PM
TLX wrote: ยป
Yeah,he better duel castanic males so they know their places.

Sorry, what does that have to do with anything?
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