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TERA PC - General Discussion: Someone in game says to me that I should kill myself and I'm a new player like wth
First, sorry about my bad English, the thing is when I just got to a new town called velika I just look around the city and I look a player dancing naked my character just standing there near that dancing naked guy it make me curious and I think is funny, and then he whispered me saying nasty thing like: "hey what you looking at you ******** ****** kys you piece of ******* you're noob uninstall this game and kill yourself you *********" I mean really?? This is the first time I'm play this game and the first someone to say hello to me are like this? Not only that I look on global chat and really nasty thing too like [filtered] Elin something like that....I just what to know what kind of mmo game is this? I never experienced something like these before...
Yes, really.
Sometimes they even told u to go play tera eu. Just ignore them by putting them in ignore list.
TERA PC - General Discussion#3 gixG1701/06/2019, 05:04 AM
Hmm I think I just uninstall Tera and search another mmo then, thanks for the info.
Just ignore it and move on. You'll find a handful of nice players, but it is a pretty toxic community to be honest.
Everything about this feels like it needs to be on R/Thathappened. First off, how would someone be naked unless you have a mod to make them naked? How would they know you were looking at them and not just Afking like everyone tends to do in Velika? How would they know you were a new player and not someone leveling an alt?
Take a screenshot and send it to support in a ticket. If they said this in in-game chat, the support staff can see that history and determine if action is necessary. I have no idea why someone would just randomly say this to you without and sort of provocation or context.
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