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Console General Discussion: Welcome our new Volunteer Moderators!
Hello folks!

As we mentioned in our Announcement sub-forum, we are now working with volunteer moderators to help us make the forums a fun, inviting, informative place. Those of you that are familiar with our Player Council team will already be familiar with our TERA specific moderators:


Please join me in welcoming and thanking them for the hard work that they do!
WELCOME, new volunteer moderators! :D
I have seen all of your names before, but I am definitely most familiar with @Sarumonin. Good luck to all of three of you, trying to keep some of us miscreants under control! :D
Console General Discussion#3 Gospodja01/05/2019, 02:56 PM
Good luck guys, hopefully u will be able to do more for the players!
Console General Discussion#4 BubbeIzz01/07/2019, 07:04 AM
Personally the biggest miss for me on tera is the lack of description on items. Knockdowns cause mp replenish. Okay replenish how fast ? How often would i use this or would something else work better? Like replenish every 5 sec. (Using as example) The small things that really matter end game.
Detailed descriptions of items and there uses.
( largest gap in gameplay for me comes from knowing your build and how to use it)
Bam drops and drop rates. (I know why there isn't one out yet XD! I wouldn't either lol)
Hosted community events. Like pvp tournaments. Or timed instance runs for prizes. Entry fees of course to pay for it.( not asking anyone to fork over there bank
Console General Discussion#5 Gospodja01/07/2019, 08:47 AM
That is a part of game strategy, most mmo’s Use that approach, where you have to figure out yourself. That is actually interesting, but there should be strickt borders on what to des be full and what can be observed. That’s considering patch notes, like sometimes we are getting patches without even brief discription, which is actually not that good, as classes are being rebalanced a lot through those patches.

Also, is there any CM in Europe, or all are in US? Cuz we here might have smth very different to what you have there, in terms of gamers and therefore gameplay.
Console General Discussion#6 Gospodja01/07/2019, 11:01 AM
Btw, u have reminded me, mentioning 3s. We do have a number of toxic ppl, who kick there, but also many doesn’t even know of correct pvp settings. What I mean is that many don’t care of searching web, and if pve is pretty easy and we’ve been tought through lvling up on how we play our characters, there’s is literally no tutorial within game for pvp. That would be a great idea to pass to devs, so more ppl start using correct crystals, not to mention glifs. This will lead to developing BG’s for all, therefore less kicks. I, from my side can influence players not to kick those with low rating, but correct set up, but if ppl continue to come in pve set up, and make it unplayable some kicks will still happen.
Hi, Welcome to you! Finally thanks, because I find that it already has a real lack of communication between players console and EME. So are what the moderators will be exclusively to "monitor" the forum or they will also be on the console (in play)? And how do we become a volunteer moderator
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