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Console General Discussion: My claps to EnMasse.
I leaved the game due there are other games who i enjoyed a bit until...his support service. Totally bulls h i t their services. I need to recognize that en masse service is pretty good. They transfered some items between my chars as a special offer (only usable one time) but i am happy with the en masse service. Some new content should be good btw. But i return to play Tera where my popori priest left.
u a shill homie? ;)
Console General Discussion#3 Gospodja01/03/2019, 09:33 AM
Have you played the original doom, or CS 1.6 in between? Yeah I believe their support is crap nowadays xDDD

Actually, support center here is fine, similar to other PS4 mmo’s
GM wise, I've had nothing but good experiences. I haven't had any contact with En Masse's technical staff to be able to effectively comment about their service, however.

Console General Discussion#5 Gospodja01/08/2019, 11:10 AM
Well, i’d say that comparing to what we had at start it’s a huge progress. I have to say only positive about the timing and politeness. But there are some things i’d wanted to be resolved differentely, but I suppose there are many ppl like me, so I would say thanks for being responsive through support tickets. Would be even better if GM’s also dot involved in forum discussions more!
EnMasse guys are doing a pretty good job.

Being a publisher is not easy, you are between the anvil and the hammer most of the times. Many development issues are often wrongly attributed to these guys, while the responibility should be on dev's shoulders (BlueHole in this case).

All in all, they do show they care and try to collect feedback and act accordingly (latest example is PVP credit situation).

I do feel like they'd need a lil bit more attention on testing tho. This valk patch is a mess and they are royally screwing people from my server (Yana xbox EU).

This was a make it or breake it situation (the valk patch) and atm, it is all on the breaking-it side.
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