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TERA PC - General Discussion: Do GM's even care about this?
Take your own conclusions: https://www.twitch.tv/failurre/clip/DullAbrasiveMangoTheThing

More and more players exploiting everyday and GM's can't detect it so it's basically our word vs theirs XD
You probably need to send that throught Support. It even says in the title of the video "script" but that may be bait. Regardless, contact support if you really think there is a game breaking script being used here.
Bait? What else would that be lmao, that's just exploiting and not giving a [filtered], already sent a bunch of tickets with timestamps, player names, videos of people exploiting and what the p2w scripts do and the GM's just don't care because they don't have a 'proof' of them cheating, basically we need to get people to say 'hi i bought a hack for tera for 100$ and i'm hacking yes' else they won't take any action, pretty sad.
I'm gonna reply to this before that one dude in every thread who says WHOLE GAME IS HACKS does and say yeah, they do care. The streamer themselves clipped this, for attention, and they're getting exactly what they want when a thread like this is created.
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