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TERA PC - General Discussion: I like "Elite Status" but -_-
TERA PC - General Discussion#1 Dydric11/15/2018, 08:30 PM
Look i tried "Elite Status" and I love it but what I don't like is its not 100% worth the 15 bucks.

1. add free looks change to this like they have in black desert online.
2. add more fast travel points.
3. let us pick out our mount every month.
4. let us pick 1 outfit for the month.
5. let us add more personal fast travel points.
6. more and better loot
Adding better loot is dumb, making the game p2w is not a good thing imo
Rest of the things are good enough complaints
I'm not against making Elite better, but what you're saying combined would be honestly a lot.

1) Right now, a single look change goes for 846 EMP for Elite members (so half the price of Elite right there). Unlimited look change for all your characters would mean people would just take the promotional 1-day Elite and change all their characters for free. So, even though BDO does it, probably needs to be done differently here. Maybe you could give each person one 24-hour appearance change coupon for every 30 days subscribed or something. (BnS, for instance, gives one appearance change for every 90 days subscribed.)

4) Outfits start at 995 EMP, so again that alone (combined with the 15 EMP/day) would basically itself pay for Elite. And allowing you to "choose" is itself a problem -- choose from what selection? As was discussed in another recent thread, this brings back the Monthly Gift problem we had a few years ago.

6) The daily gift should be bumped up, but keep in mind also that it's 30 days of gifts. You're not going to get "$15 worth" each day. If people want the gift to "feel" more substantial, it'd probably have to be monthly not daily.

7) The 15 EMP per day adds up to 450 EMP per month, which also reduces the effective cost of Elite to about $10.50 instead of $15.

No problem with the more travel destinations or the theory of allowing people to pick their Elite mount from a list (even though that isn't technically possible right now), but in the end... if something has to be objectively give $50+ of services for people to feel like it's worth $15... it's not worth it to sell it for $15 either. There's probably a balance here.
Dydric wrote: »
Look i tried "Elite Status" and I like it but what I don't like is its not 100% worth the 15 bucks.

1. Unlimited looks change to this like they have in black desert online.
2. Add more fast travel points.
3. Let us pick out our mount every month.
4. Let us pick 1 outfit for the month.
5. Let us add more personal fast travel points.
6. Add more and better loot (cuz 90% of the loot i get with Elite Status sucks bad.) I send it right 2 the vender.
7. Let us get more EMP a day 15 is kind of a ripoff :/

Tera online has to do a little bit better for 15 bucks...


To be honest I feel like you're asking for too much here.

1 - This isn't BDO, they're very different games. The unlimited look change works for that game because how their 'subscription' is set up. As someone pointed out since they give 1-day vouchers frequently, and 7-day one exists then you'll start having people buying those up just to take advantage of stuff like this. I do think that perhaps handing out a free appearance change for having more than 30 days of a subscription would be better in this case.

2 - fast travel points?

3 - This is reasonable, but they'd probably give us a lame selection pool to choose from, so I don't really care for this. And since I have one of the major double crit mounts, and they sure as hell wouldn't include those in the selection, I wouldn't be using the elite mount - I don't even use it now.

4 - Again, asking for too much. I haven't seen a game that let's you pick out an outfit basically for free just for a $15 subscription every month. The cheapest outfits in the store right now are currently 995 emp or something like that, which is pretty much $10...and the subscription is only $15. Pretty unbalanced. Besides, personally I prefer permanent cosmetics, not cosmetics with expiration dates. And even if they did decide to do something like this, the selection would probably be really poor.

5 - again, I must be missing or ignorant of something. Fast travel points??

6 - the only thing I'd complain about for the elite boxes is that I wish they would contain more crafters cures. Hell, I'd be over the moon for just two a day instead of one.

7 - Really, really asking too much. Come on, they're essentially giving you free money, or cutting down the cost you initially spend on your subscription through store credit you're accruing daily. I've seen plenty of subscriptions that don't even do that. So yeah, in this instance you should be happy with what you get.

Don't get me wrong, I do agree that our elite should have some improvements, but the improvements should be fair and balanced around the cost. Have you seen EU's for instance? There's has things in it that I would like for ours. *sigh.*
"sounds like a personal problem =) "
"sounds like a personal problem =) "

TERA PC - General Discussion#7 Cyborq11/16/2018, 11:47 AM
Can something be done about this troll?
This clutter of new, pointless forum posts is a nuisance.
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