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Console General Discussion: Super New into TERA
Hey guys ive just started up TERA for these 2 days and manage to reach lvl50 with my Ninja through storyline and sidequests, really fun game and pretty but straight to point in discussion.

Alright so when does the game turn into fun?, i mean srry for put it out that bold like god heres another whiny negative one :D
I mean cmon guys is there no way of social communities there players sticks in parties together and share experience through dungeons, killings and more stuffs like raids or more, if im missing out something or doing something wrong plz tell me for i really like the game but played alone through all lvl50 experience.

Alright luv ya guys, put some comment below and feed everything i should know <33
Nevermind now i got all the questions answered tyvm! Sad to be true but it was fun how long it lasted!
Off to another mmorpg! see you maybe there aaaand Take care <333
It lasted about 30 minutes?
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