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TERA PC - General Discussion: Battlegrounds are dead?
No reward, no anything for doing them anymore? Why not try to push pvp and make it active again...PVE is boring, please save PVP eme :(
The Vanguard rewards are still there, press (H) and uncheck everything except BG's and you'll see that there are still rewards. They just stopped making Battleground jackpot calendars back in August for whatever reason so nobody really knows what BG to que for. Is it FWC or CS today? who knows.
How hard can it be for them to release a simple BG calendar to give people incentive to que? Spacecats had one up every month usually a week in advance. annoying
currently downloading Tera EU all hope is lost for EME
Tbh it’s just laziness to not have a bg calendar up. I mean put it in the ingame calendar or something ffs
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