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TERA PC - General Discussion: Tank berserk how to make better
Tank berserk need two things. One that people have said over and over again that they need enrage.

Which can be easily fix with change a skill like fearsome shout.

If berserk tanks do not get enrage then they should give some kind of party buffs.

For that i am thinking berserk should give some kind of aura buffs.

Why aura buffs? Well no other tank has a aura so i would be unique to berserk tanks alone.

Tho it should not be all benefits for the berserk tank when activating a aura they should lose something like power or skill damage.

Example would be: Aura of rage: Increase attack power and attack speed of party member in a 15m area but skill damage is cut by 30%

Tho what the aura buffs gave and what they take away is up for debate. Thought it would be cool to give m idea on who to make berserk tank a thing a again and to see what people thought about a tank having a aura buffs
Berserk tank was a WIP before they added Brawler, but when they added that class the berserker tanking was left aside. Enrage, aura party buff (damage up maybe?) being able to use cyclone with at least 2 charge bars with faster spin and half damage/no damage during animation at high agro generation, etc.
just don't
I aways said that Zerker tank needed a rework. something like the warrior tank they did. We only have one def debuff, and just that. Lancer has lots of buffs, Brawler has too, and warrior is king on tank debuffs, but even then have buffs for party (its an attack speed one, I just don't remember the name, I don't play warrior :T ). no enrage is a major flaw, but making one infuriate skill is not enough for it. as you said, they should make more buffs or debuffs for the tank instance too. personally, I think it should have an attack up or power up buff for party members, and put some block or half damage effects, like lancer has on some skills, and allow us to use cyclone. Cyclone have a passive to increase crit power from the front, but when we really need it (tanking), we cant use Cyclone :disappointed:
Don't bother. With all the nice buffs warrior tanking got and still no one wants them. Why have any tank other than all-you-can-buff lancer.... it's sad
Warrior has transverse cut for the buff.

Well technically zeeker tanks can’t die with unbreakble. But tanking as a zeker is a major flop. Does less dmg than lancer and doesn’t even buff the team.

They should get a passive block stackable buff like lancer. That speeds up dps. Or a frontal block that activates when a full thunder strike is hit, after four ticks or before.

As zeker stands no buffs, low dps because you have to becareful with thunder stike and still blocks hits.

Or give zeker the highest debuff at 20%. Lancer has 12%. And give zeker enrage thru fear shout, since it’s useless in pve.

Lancer has best party buffs, brawler has constant frontal block with good dps, warrior has death from above, 11% party buff, damage migration from shadow and torrent of blows.

Zeker has constant agro buff ://?

Anyone know why we can’t use cyclone in intimidation stance? I would love a buff where cyclone gives a “wind” speed buff or attack bonus.

Ideally a shield from triumph shout that gives shield so, we can charge thunder strike without taking too much dmg.

Highly doubt EmE/BHS would do anything because the players that tank usually don’t tank zeker ever.

The most tanks I seen are brawler then lancers followed by warriors.

I’ve seen like 5 warrior tanks and 2 zeker tanks after coming back for a year.

Sure is nice to dream about these tank revisions.
Digivolve wrote: »
Don't bother. With all the nice buffs warrior tanking got and still no one wants them. Why have any tank other than all-you-can-buff lancer.... it's sad

I personally jump up and down with joy when I see a warr tank. The attack speed buff is so OP. :blush:

So you have at least ONE fan.
Needs big rework but it would be real nice to have an actually viable tank option for zerkers.
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