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TERA PC - General Discussion: Slayer differences between races
Hi guys i need some advices ive been playing slayer class in casta female for almost 2 years im really a pvp adicted i can pretty much face any class in 1 vs 1 on heroic except for brawlers and respers im having some problems with them i wanted to know if someone tried and checked the differences in speed animations, cast, desync and range between casta female, elin, casta male, female human and elf i want to try a new race but im super lazy so i dont want to level up another character since with the awakening the "rotations" changed a lot i would need to even complete the awakening quest just too much work.

Thank you for your time hope you can tell me your experiences with other races
Elins have shorter animations for everything. They talked about equalizing it a while ago but I don't know if they ever did.
Male Human and Amani are good for pvp. The only downfall is Fury Strike doesn't have the same reach as FemCast, and the i-frame duration might be a tad less. The pvp damage passive is great though.
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