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TERA PC - General Discussion: Dear Tera It was fun
I could not come back and play if I wanted to. Could you have made a Server Merge any more painful. Can't delete Character because of items in Brokerage. Did you have to add so many Characters to Duplicate Character Names. I played this game since it first went free to play. I played every week until your last major upgrade with the minimum weapon level to play the new content. I just couldn't put the time in to grind for gear. I use to love this game but all my friends quit playing and after this I don't think they would even try to. Thanks for the great memories as this was very first MMO. Best of luck to all of you.
Post will get deleted because goodbye threads are against the forum rules. mEME don't check the forums anyways though so it will be up for a while. The game is in the worst its ever been at the moment, ktera only has 6000 players left, na people are constantly quitting or moving to eu, na staff are totally clueless about the game they run. Its bad yeah.
You were told to remove stuff from broker. Your fault

And yes, the merge could been worse
You have to understand No body cares if you leave.
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