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TERA PC - General Discussion: Tier list
Hey guys...what do you think about the classes?post your PVP and PVE tier list!
TERA PC - General Discussion#2 vkobe09/21/2018, 09:30 PM
elin brawler :3
For PVP:


Top kek: Zerk
Gud: Everything Else
Trash tier: Slayer / Archer


1. Valk
2. Valk
3. Lancer


Burn the [filtered] gate

Grid Iron:

Who plays this [filtered]?

For PVE:

1. Awakened
2. Non-awakened
For CU:V

1. Numbers
2. Tower placement
3. not getting zerged by three guilds
4. not falling alseep when turteling
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