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Console General Discussion: DISCUSSION ABOUT LOOTBOXES
Let's talk about loot boxes?
What are the chances of getting an iten per lootbox? Is it worth spending on lootboxes? What do you think is best?
Console General Discussion#2 VEDI09/20/2018, 11:04 AM

Thank You!

means it is recommended to buy from the store ?. so I understand, lootbox is lottery type, but on a more difficult level. the odds are lottery type, however it is lower. so these boxes are more viable for those who have enough emp to spend ..
conclusion. lootbox is useless. the focus of the players is divided, there are items in the store to be purchased without lootboxes, so players' money is concentrated in pieces and divided according to what is in the game store or what is still going to arrive.

it would be best to put the lootbox items in the store for an expensive and high price. in any case it would still be profitable, and they could even put a balanced lottery, like putting only two options to click until you get the item, and remove the other two. this is my opinion and suggestion.
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