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TERA PC - General Discussion: If you are so eager to make money then..
What about adding a pet through emp store that gives a buff where the player cannot go higher than 49% HP by any means possible or something similar? With this we could finally solve the slaying problem that plagued this game for so much time ( even after all these years i cannot understand why i am not allowed to slay whenever i want because some in game mechanics does not allow me to do so.. ).

Of course, i am aware that you are not willing to do it freely like adding a potion in game so at the very least add it through the shop? Oh.. and please do not set the price for the pet at 8k EMP or higher..

There's a new potion that literally just released that greatly decreases both your health and healing received.

Now, how you get those in-game I couldn't tell you.
Why emp pet, why not a food or potion that gives us abnormality status where its impossible to heal above 49% like those we have to increase HP - MP - Crit factor
> @SageWindu said:
> There's a new potion that literally just released that greatly decreases both your health and healing received.
> Now, how you get those in-game I couldn't tell you.

That’s only 1 potion from a code. The item itself no way to get it.
Hence the 2nd statement. It could be something to "test the waters" similar to how the triple charm thing was before it was added to the Elite bar (or being able to direct-buy the Frostsuit back in January if you want something more topical).

You know, see if people like it and all that malarkey.
just gitgud and complain to urself and ur healer about why u cant slay. its ur party's problem if u cant slay properly cuz eme is not ur babysitter. for some reason its called slaying
Because then you get dumb people trying to slay in IM dgs that don’t dodge and they die 10x. If the item comes out then these people deserve to be left on the floor... and IM just gets THAT more toxic. I would guess that’s why >_>
TERA PC - General Discussion#8 voidy08/23/2018, 09:49 PM
I'm surprised they haven't just gone all the way and added enchanting failstacks into the cash shop. Don't like that 18% success rate on your heroic oath? Wish you could raise the chances higher without blowing your materials on it? Well for 2,000 EMP, you can boost that success rate up to 21%! Well, maybe soon it'll happen. There's no end to the amount of lootbox mountbuffs out now, I can't even keep track of them all. And they already sold gems and now they're selling item xp boosts, so we're getting warmer. Items that directly affect enchant rate are kind of the one line they haven't crossed yet, so it'd be interesting to watch BHS go full cash cow on their remaining players.
I am going to bump this.

Please find a way to add a potion or even pet if needed that helps with the slaying problems so we could not go above 49% HP no matter what ( helps us to enjoy the game in our own manner ).

p.s. i do not mind paying 500emp for a pet that helps with slaying
They had a email code which gave a pot which drops your hp and reduced healing (aka EU's slaying pot) but no way in game yet
TERA PC - General Discussion#11 Lapomko09/18/2018, 02:04 PM
Please do not add slaying potion as the clear time will be much lower and BHS will thwart us by increasing the boss hp/endurance.
TERA PC - General Discussion#12 Lyanni09/18/2018, 03:22 PM
As a healer, i wouldnt even miss if they removed slaying all together :P
I made a similar suggestion to this earlier in the year. They released a single potion several months later through a code and we haven't heard anything else since.
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