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TERA PC - Community Creations: ☆Sadist's Art Corner☆
☆Hello There!☆
☆You may call me Sadistic or Sadist! I am offering illustrations for Gold!
☆I am more than happy to draw any characters you have in mind, whether it be an elin or baraka!☆
☆How do I commision you?☆
Hit me up on Discord! My door is always open!

☆Do you accept money (USD,Euro,Yen,etc) as well?☆
Not as of right now. That may change in the future, though.

☆What kind of details do you need about my character to complete the commission?☆
I usually ask different kinds of questions with each person, just to personalize the experience, but it's all the same general idea.~

☆What counts as a "complex" background?☆
I'm really not a hardass about this. I would consider complexity to have things like perspective, buildings, etc. If I feel like what you're asking for will be difficult I'll let you know.

☆When should I pay you?☆
You can either pay me upfront, or you can pay me after accepting the Work In Progress sketch I provide for your review.
☆I hold every right to decline a commission.☆

☆Absolutely no underage characters depicted in sexual manners.Ever. Do not ask me to do this.☆

☆I will not make any hate art regarding religion, sexuality, gender, race, politics, ETC.☆

☆After receiving your finished illustration you may use it where ever, but please be sure to credit me.☆

☆I will not draw inflation, foot [filtered], vore, weight gain, pregnancy, diapers, watersports, scat, scalies, extreme muscles (bara), extreme gore, coprophilia, necrophilia ETC.☆


Discord: 100% Mean#6025
Feel free to either directly message me on Discord, or feel free to join my group, dedicated to my clients!
You dont HAVE to be a client to join the group or talk to me!


→ FLATS ☆ Profile (20k) ☆ Half Body (50k) ☆ Full Body (80k) ☆

→ SHADED ☆ Profile (50k) ☆ Half Body (100k) ☆ Full Body (120k) ☆
☆ My style may change from time to time as I try new things quite frequently! ☆
☆ Weapons can be done for a little bit extra depending on the complexity.☆
☆ I can draw both SFW and NSFW. ☆
☆ Illustrations can come as transparent, PNG or with a simple/complex background. ☆
☆ Feel free to ask me any further questions! ☆

Message me if you're interested!
Beautiful art - I love the shading!!
May I ask what server you're accepting gold on? uwu
Oppabo wrote: »
Beautiful art - I love the shading!!
May I ask what server you're accepting gold on? uwu

Thank you! I'm glad you like it! I was trying something new there and wasn't really sure if it looked very good.

I've added my servers in the "Contacts" list, I completely forgot!
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