A 10v10 deathmatch event with guardian gear!

Best of 3, single elimination pvp event!

For players on Mount Tyrannas only.

  1. Only 2 of each class is allowed. Healers are limited to 3 total.
  2. Only guardian gear is allowed. You may use up to tier 3 etchings on weapon and armor but no jewelry etchings at all.
  3. Consumables are not allowed.

Event starts at 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern) on May 18th and we will go up to 2 hours. Please show up on time. We'll allow a 10 minute window for anyone running late. Teams can replace missing members so long as the replacement abides by the rules above.

Prize: The winning team will get 10,000 Noctenium Infusions for each team member. Other rewards pending.

The deathmatches will take place in Allemantheia Outskirts. Location subject to change if there are problems with that area.

If you're interested in joining please fill out this google form.