I would like to see some options on the launcher such as:

Music Off: I'm a spotify listener and have the game set to no music, so I'd also like to set the launcher to this (and have that setting carry over to character creation).

Prefered Server: This option would allow me to choose a server I want to automatically log into when I launch the game. Could be set to none if a player prefers not to auto log in.

Prefered character: A setting that lets me mark a character as my prefered character when logging in to a server. This could be selected during character selection sfter which the character is automatically loaded on log in. Together with Prefered Server the launcher would automatically skip server selection and character selection, loading the client with my prefere character when I press play.

If Prefered Server and Prefered Character are adopted I'd like 2 "Play" buttons on the launcher:

PLAY (Prefered): Launches the client with my prefered server/character, skipping both the server selection screen ant the character selection screen.
PLAY (Select Server): Continues to server selection as normal then loads prefered character for that server.
PLAY (Select Server and Character): Ignores Prefered Server and Prefered Character, player must mak both selections manually.

The 'play' options I suggest may be to granular. Perhaps there could be 2 Check Boxes that can be selected/unselected before pressing play: 'log into prefered server' and 'automatically load prefered character'.