I apologize for the delay in the delivery of my findings, but I was unable to access the forum on my main account "BigTwitch2K4@yahoo.com". It would only display tge Server Maintenance notification and nothing more. This made posting on the forum impossible. But on to the main reason for posting here.

I believe this current OB2 testing phase went significantly well. The main hubs were sustainable, as well as decent stability during dungeon runs and Kumas Battlegrounds. My main gripes were that the chat filter was overall far too strict and there was an issue with the Queue notification triggering a rainbow screen tear which I believe may contribute to a seizure pattern. Note that I am running on a standard PS4. There were no hard-freezes, but I felt forced to restart the client under 2 conditions. Condition 1 was during rainbow screen tearing and Condition 2 was when there was a desynch. I would notice that after multiple Queue activity runs I would get lag desynched to the point of unplayability. I may attribute this to overtaxing the hardware's RAM, but I may be incorrect in my assumption so take that with a grain of salt.

As I only played as a Priest, Mystic & Brawler I cannot attest to any Class specific issues outside the scope of my experience. I shall provide links to video proof and processes for the sake of being thorough. The only one listed that I believe needs immediate attention prior to Early Access/Launch is the rainbow screen tear. Changing the chat filter to "bleep" the filtered words instead of negating the entirety of the message due to "violation" would go a long way as a temp-fix until a better system is in place. Do those 2 things and hook Trophy/Achievement triggers into ingame accolades and you may call it a day. This would make it ready to ship as the other less detrimental situations can be remedied over time, or on-the-fly depending on circumstances.

1. OB2 - Rainbow Screen Tear *!!!!!SEIZURE WARNING!!!!!* The 1st 3-5 minutes are all you need to see for the issue in question. (This only happened in OB2 on my end.)

2. Tech Test - Unstuck inoperable under a certain condition within a dungeon instance. Dragonfell has an odd invisible wall to the Southwest. And too many things going onscreen upon login crashed the game and forced a disconnect upon login. The latter may have been remedied in OB2. The 2 former are definitely build agnostic.

3. Tech Test - A quest requiring decryption of notes was bugged, stating a "busy" response upon activation. The 1st 5-7 minutes are discovery & testing for solutions. Within that timeframe I also discovered some out-of-bounds soft rocks that are non-invasive. The discovery of the possible solution trigger happens at the final 5-7 minutes. All was left in for the sake of those interested in viewing the testing processes involved prior to the discovery of a temporary solution.

Here's looking forward to release. I have faith in your processes after seeing the expedited effort to make Tera playable in such a short timeframe. I commend you all for this, especially since this is your 1st dive into the realm of console development. I predict a late March, early-mid May release considering the remaining tasks. I shall definitely support your product as you have proven more competent than most.