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Guild Recruitment: Looking for an Xbox guild
Guild Recruitment#1 HTHG4MPX7Y03/18/2018, 11:24 PM
I’m new to Tera and will be joining when the console version is released. I’ve played ffxi in the past and Aion. I’ve always played the tank role endgame and I’m tempted to play brawler in the release of Tera as it’s dps/tank or I was considering Valkyrie.. wouldn’t mind playing either, which ever the guild would require.
I’m an active player and I love endgame content in mmos, whichever game I play I like to put maximum effort in to it, doing research on load outs, stats, content, environment etc etc.. I like to know which attacks each monster does and how best to take on each monster. I feel it’s necessary to say all of the above so you know a little about me and how serious I am, I’m a competitive player and I like my guild to be the best and I want to see my guild achieve the best equipment/Armor they can. I don’t want to join a guild any tom [filtered] or Harry can join I want to join a guild that will have keen and skilled players who put in similar effort as I. A guild who will be concentrating on endgame and becoming one of those guilds everyone talks about for the right reasons and who people want to be apart of because we shine above everyone else.

Thanks for reading and if there are any suitable guilds out there please do hook me up.

Regards, rich
Guild Recruitment#2 TheUntamedWrath03/18/2018, 11:52 PM
I must say it always makes me happy to see passionate mmo players and you sir are like myself in such a regard, id be honored to have you as a guildie and a ally, im a PC Veteran(currently playing on pc until xbox release aswell) and i have every intention of ascending my guild to the top of both PvE and PvP, aswell as server first feats and so much more. Essentially all the content tera has to offer! So if you are interested, me and my guild "Vendetta" would be glad to have you rise to the top with us.
Gamertag: TheUntamedWrath
Shoot me a friend request and a message!
Guild Recruitment#3 CRiiMSoN03/19/2018, 12:33 AM
im also interested in founding/joining a guild! im from the UK and have played games like WOW and some Rift in the past but played WOW mainly on and off for over 8 years so i know how MMO's work! will be playing warrior/Valkyrie (most likely warrior) on release and am looking for players to blast to max level with and destroy late game content!
Guild Recruitment#4 TheUntamedWrath03/19/2018, 02:23 AM
Well you are welcome to come join the reign of Vendetta! Most of us are from a east coast US timezone but our schedules are flexible however i have no problem promoting you at launch so you can recruit others closer to your timezone if you should wish too. If you are interested, as i stated above, send me a friend request and message on xbox! Be glad to have ya :)
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