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TERA PC - General Discussion: Apothecary Dye
Is it a fashion coupon bug? 1000 coupons for a dye?

Please tell me it's a joke XD
TERA PC - General Discussion#2 Pages03/14/2018, 12:39 AM
It was intended. I don't really understand this change considering the dyes were already made untradable when they were put in the fashion coupon store, which I thought was fine.

Being untradable AND 1000 fashion coupons is just overkill.
Guys, please make 100 fashion coupons. You guys are making this ridiculous now... Untradable aaaaaaaaaaand 1000...
It's crazy, why even do that?
sad, elite gif box version are no tradable :'(
The awakening of dye items patch xd , before 1k gold , soon 50 000k gold in your nearest broker
TERA PC - General Discussion#7 Elinu103/14/2018, 05:34 AM
1000 coupons, is that supposed to be a joke. Lower it to 100 like before
TERA PC - General Discussion#8 f3ck4r03/14/2018, 07:04 AM
Are you [filtered] kidding?!
This is not funny.

1k coupon for 1 Apothecary Dye?!
It's getting worse and worse.
TERA PC - General Discussion#9 Huv03/14/2018, 08:59 AM
Bring back travelling npcs to the fashion coupon store. Thats what we should be asking tbh. RIP PHARGO
TERA PC - General Discussion#10 Furhyan03/14/2018, 12:47 PM
I don't care about phargo. Most people have a tera reward perk. I want my dye..

1000 coupons for a dye
350 for the Eagle Helmet
Something's weird
Must be enmasse reasoning... "hey, now that we halved IOD rewards, everybody is sure to kill twice as many bams! giving them tons of fashion coupons, lets nerf dat!"
I wish we could trade them! I would give all my dyes to you all! :unamused:
Feels more like a combination of, "It used to take 20 days of logging in daily to get one of these, now you can have at least one per day." and, "The free one in the elite box seems pointless with these so cheap."

So more a stop devaluating the existing rewards. With them being so cheap being more a transition artifact of the whole 1 fed-bill = 1 fashion coupon. But raising the cost right away would have annoyed those who didn't buy them with the fed-bills. Though, honestly probably shouldn't have ever added them to the fashion coupon store in the first place, in that case. But maybe they were hoping usage statistics wouldn't see too much of a spike, I don't know. There never really was a way they could win here.

The whole thing is just giving me a strong feeling of courtesy for us coming back to bite them in the [filtered], when they make the actual adjustment that they wanted or needed to do in the first place.
TERA PC - General Discussion#14 Ves197803/14/2018, 03:14 PM
WTS apotechary dye, 10k each :D
another EPIC FAIL FROM EMS great job

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