This is my personal experience with the open beta on PS4(slim). More so what I noticed that seemed a little out of place or possible issue to be looked at. It's been a very long time since I've played Tera on PC so I can't compare it.

First thing right away I noticed that talking to NPCs can be a hassle. I was facing the little girl in the beginning but it kept selecting the guy next to her at one point in the quest. I had to run away from her and come back to talk to her.

Second, interactions with mining, gathering, etc. have a bit of an issue. Some I ran up to wouldn't gather/interact with at first so I could have to move again to get the action back up. Like a slight glitch in the command if you are moving immediately before hitting X (or whatever the interaction hot key would be).

Third, combat seems a bit choppy. Now this would have been something I should have looked on the PC version before saying anything but I don't want to download it right now.

Fourth, (issue that needs to be looked at for sure) a cultist quest that deals with the decoder. I received the decoder from the bezerker but accidently hit 'I've lost my decoder' at the NPC. So I went ahead and used one of the decoders and got 5 decoded messages, I think anyways. Can't remember what they were actually called. These did not trigger the quest for some reason. The quest is stuck at the NPC telling me to use the decoder. I was also unable to trash/cancel/restart the quest.

Fifth, (another one that needs to be looked at for sure) issue with terrain and affects of the two basilisks in the small cave in Oblivion Woods. The cave has an issue, you can see it on the ground, where there is a line in front of the caves and any move (red mark on the ground from mob) is not visible. The mobs are indicating the move (I had one do it outside towards the line) but it doesn't show past that line.

Crashes I experienced often: opening the parcel page, summoning mount, opening vanguard page, Tera store, and just randomly near other players (low channel). Sometimes going into the menu caused me to lose my UI. I could still move around and pull up the menu but not select anything (it would move me as if I wasn't even in the menu screen).

This is all I can think of for now. This game has lots of potential. I will say this though, if you guy have "rewards" again, please specify in the post if we can keep them after beta or not. There are plenty of people, myself included, that are angry about not keeping the whole 2 hour login stuff as it wasn't stated if they were permanent or not. I wasted a lot of time doing nothing in fear of DCing when I actually could of been playing and looking out for anything that may need more fixing or polish. With that said, the timing was off, the rewards came anywhere from 15-30 minutes after the two hour mark.