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TERA PC - General Discussion: Hope this game improve, quiting until then/statement

So i'm quiting this game after a loooot of time playing; i have many geared char, essentially on MT. I know a lot of you will not care about this statement and i can understand. I know aswell some other people probably already said the same thing as me; but i just wanted to share what my feelings are to futurs (if there are futurs) players. I used to respect this game, because i was blind (the only thing i was seeing was action/combat).
So there are the reasons making me definitely stopping this game:

- Lack of content: (i will talk about pve since tera became a pve game, the only pvp thing is killing other player to steal a WB)
I will talk only about end game since end game is supposed to keep people in the game.
The real end game content is HH and RKE. Nothing else to do. The sad part is the game have a ton of good content (old one, removed one; yes this game is specializing in removing content), and we have to wait literally 6Months for maybe one interesting dg. What's the point of grinding gear to do the same dg (RKE since HH is once a week, and diificult to find 20man raid in a dead dame) again again? There is literraly no point unless you are masochist or a bot. No humans person want this. I watched many stream of TERA, and the only end game content i saw was: HH and RKEM. Its is fun but until when? is TERA a real game or a mini-game? you can play with different class of course and i will develop this later.

-Event: SInce reward are ridiculously low (no need to explain this i think... like someone else said for exemple farming 40Min Iod wich is boring as [filtered] will give you 112 golden talent, when you play dg you are almost LOOSING money because of consummables you are using which is a joke) we definitely NEED event that actually have good reward gold wise. And there is none, or super rare event 2/3 per year(if im optimistic) and you will need to bot farm it, and DONT MISS IT.: most of important event are announced literally a few hours before it starts and dont last for long, it is really a joke. (im not mad because i missed none of them, but i feel bad for other ppl).

-Dumb things (this is basically a ton of thing based on not listening the playerbase): Exemple: Crafter Cure. We have literally no access to crafter cure, or maybe a few ones IF you are elite, then you will have 1 per day (it is far from being enough). The other way to have crafter cure is pay to win (super expensive box). Look at the broker now, there is literally ONE guy selling it, expensive as [filtered] and i cant blame him for that since they are very rare. We NEED to craft in this game, a ton of [filtered], and we have NO ACCESS to crafter cure? even in VG shop? are you kidding me? You need it for golden daric, golden plate, silver siglo, silver plate, etching, emerald and a ton of other stuff. This is literraly a non sens to not have access to crafter cure in a game like this, that is killing one important aspect of the game: gear progression (since this same progression is the new way to have fun, everything is about rewards now) and basically the whole craft which can be enjoyable for some people and NECESSARY for others, you cant craft any BASICAL thing without cure, you well need it in BULK and it is very frustrating. Some people will say just buy stuff at broker, and how NEW PLAYER are supposed to make that much of gold? (im not talking about me, i have gold because in the past rewards(most of them from event) was way better and there was other good ways to make gold, and crafting was more optional). I will not continue to play in a game hating that much new players (unless there are super rich one, im talking about real money).

The conclusion of this is the main reason why i quit TERA: This game DOESNT WANT new players. Everything is oriented to discourage new player. Event, rewards, crafting stuff, boring content, no detailled guide about complicated dgs ACCESSIBLE, a massive general lack of informations about this game (and if you find informations most of them are from another patch, really outdated), OPTIMISATION (ton of things... not gonna develop) and bad comunication.It is only super elitist/pay to win/botfarm (insanely repetitive) content. Like someone said to me TERA is a speed mmo, and he was right.
There is only a place for old/very old player who already benefit of unbalanced event and free stuff in the past.
This game is dying and will continue to die because no one will want to stay in it. No need to debate this, LFG is already completely dead (EVEN during double xp event), and que take forever. Reward/event/content is getting worse and worse. Fun is gone. Last event is... an AFK event? come on...

I just want to say that this game is not respecting his playerbase and it is very sad,
The only good aspect is the action/combat and that's why i farmed for so long to finally realise how stupid it is to play, or rather i will say invest time in this, because doing a ton of ANNNOYING stuff (ghillieglade x18 everyday, maybe petrax, iod farm etc... to have a little chance to progress, eventually play broker but it's not easy in such a dead game, then farm the SAME dg again and again) is not PLAYING the game.
Like someone said to me, stupid is a matter of perception; i totally agree and wish him to have fun but this guy was a new player (one char, he just got frost+0 stuff and was complaining about the difficulty of gearing but still enjoying the game). We all know this guy will quit this game in a month or two when he will realise how awful/boring is the REAL grind which start at stormcry gear. There is no doubt about this. I am not even talking about gearing more than one char wihch is essential to keep people in game (playing only one class is so boring...). I feel SO BAD for new players, and that make me play another game instead. Right now i can't recommand this game to anyone who wanna stay more than maybe 2/3 weeks.
I can say aswell that literally 1/20 player i gave buddy up code stayed more than a week or two after max level, and only 1/3 of them reached level 65 but it is another part im not gonna develop.

Thx for reading, sorry for being that negative (i'll call that realistic) and apologies for my poor english level (yes a good part of the player base are Non-NA player now... xD). To say the least, i will need an insanely good patch to play again, and im assuming this is not gona happen.

I wish you all good luck,

TL:DR: Game used to be epic but now i feel that it is just a lack of respect, especially for new players.
All I see is a ton to text that will get deleted anyways. Hope you didnt spend too much time on it. Cause well... you know...
I actually spend more like an hour to write it, i was gonna delte it myself but well i posted it...
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