Does anyone else find the 'soulbound' status of weapons and armor to be extremely limiting? Not only does it take forever to farm max gear on one character, you have to farm it all over again if you want to try a different class. Games like Runescape and BDO don't make you do this (probably one of the reasons they are so successful); if a player gets bored of one class (which they do) they should have the option to sell their current gear to another player in order to fund the appropriate gear for the new class they are interested in playing. The current system does nothing but hurt players who don't stick with the same class for an entire patch(s).. Playing one class gets extremely boring and not having the option to sell gear that you've spent hours of time creating in order to transfer to another character, so it can reflect all of the effort you've put into the game is extremely inconvenient and limiting, as players essentially have to start over if they want to try another class.

Does anyone else feel that 'soulbound' status shouldn't exist?
Also, the liberation limit is completely useless, too.