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TERA PC - Community Creations: [TR] Art Commissions! (GOLD)
Hello! I'm offering cheap art commission for gold on TR. I will be using these commissions as practice because I would like to improve my art style and I keep having artblocks not knowing what to draw anymore, so I felt doing this is appropriate. I would like to offer Chibi Art style along with a fullbody Anime art Style.

Chibi Style 5k

Anime Style10k

I have no restriction other than Anti/Hate art. There is no additional fees to extra character or backgrounds in one image. Depending on how busy I get, it could be up to a few hours or a couple of days.
I also don't mind drawing creatures like wrath, I need practice in that department so I welcome it! No extra cost if you want to through in you thralls or pets in the pic, and no extra cost for weapons!


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