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so yeah i made one; she uses alot of pots is this normal-- mana and the others?
While leveling any class will be mana starved
Endgame you shouldn't have that problem, especially with a prime battle solution.
thanks cornishRex
TERA PC - Player Guides & Help#4 DOOA01/18/2018, 11:36 PM
You may want to change classes, a gunner in end game is at a severe maneuverability dis-advantage. Your only distance move is Rocket jump which is up about half as often as the tank will spin the boss. New tank thinking is they move the boss with almost every attack on melee unlike the old thought to hold the boss still. Gunner is old school with long attack times, combined with a single long distance move every 12 seconds. Rolling reload is a short move and works well for iframe as well as skill reset, but no where the distance you need if you play ranged.
Unless you play gunner like a melee then you have to wonder why you did not just make a melee.
Ignore what that person just said. There are many ways to maneuver around the boss on gunners:

pb>turn camera>pb

Even micro-movements using the knock back effect of scattershot, Mana Missle, etc.
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