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TERA PC - Community Creations: [CH] Rabqit's Art Shop - Open (gold/items)
Hey there,
I'm creating gifs and stuff, so if you like my work read the following information about commissioning me~ ^-^

♡Examples of my work♡

☆I have the right to reject any commission offer for any reason
☆I won't do extreme violence or gore.
☆Tera characters only
☆Payment upfront
☆You are not allowed to use my art for commercial purposes
☆Credit me if you use the art somewhere else
☆No background

☆Gif - 50k
☆Additional Character + 25k
Half body:
☆Gif - 100k
☆Additional Character + 50k
Full body:
☆Gif - 150k
☆Additional Character + 75k

☆All listed prices go for simpler(3-5pics), fully colored gifs
☆Nsfw + 20k
☆With pet + 10k
☆With mount + 30-50k
☆Weapons could cost extra, depending on how detailed and therefor difficult they are to draw.
☆If you would like to commission something else, not a gif or another character that isn't from tera, feel free to ask.

♡What I need from you♡
☆Send me a PM or contact me ingame (Rabqit | CH)
*What do you want to commission?
[Example: Half body gif with pet. Cuddling the pet.]
*How do you pay?
[Example: That would be 110k -> 50k + wish list item with a value of 60k]
*Front, side and back view (Screenshot) of the character and everything else that I shall draw.
[Example: Screenshots of the character and of the pet]


It will take me about 1-2 weeks per commission, starting with slot 1. As soon as I finished one commission, slot 2 will become slot 1 so it will work like a waiting list. (That doesn't automatically mean first come first serve, because I still wont do stuff I don't enjoy drawing :3)

♡Wish List♡
(Will be updated soon)
☆Starglow Weapon Box / Starglow Arcannon

Do you only do animations or do you so static art pieces as well?
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