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TERA PC - General Discussion: The real questions that i need help with cuz i am new ?
Hello i am a old returning player been like 6 years i don't know but i have a few qeustions :

So is EU (gameforge ) or US (enmasse) a better server ?
- are there more battle grounds poping i have a 65 on the US server like CS or 3v3 or are there more on EU ?
- is there more people EU OR US ?
- What server is better and not going off of country ?
- What server gives more support / actualy good updates ?

So general US questions when are CS or other stuff poping are there specific times ?
I can't seem to get one in 1 h of w8ing?
Last question : can you only que up (singup) for 1 battle ground wouldn't it be better if you could do multiple so you don't wait 3h for a certin one that never pops ?

thank you for your time

go play eu tera, its much better atm. EME sux a$$
PVP is death in all servers, barely working in nights during power hours but thats only 2 or 3 hours, after that die forever, until next power hour. There is a calendar in the main page where you can find the day for specific battleground, If you are a pvp lover, right now kumas level 20 64 is the best pvp so far.
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