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TERA PC - Community Creations: Cheap Chibi & Bust Commissions for Tera (MT) gold~ {20k!]

hi im yae, i like smoke and draw.
*lazy girl trying to improve her art*

Mostly draws:
- Female Chars


Looking to expand my skills, so drawing males is welcome too~

If you’re interested, shoot me a message on discord #Yae0352 and we can talk about it further!

this is my first time doing comms, so i’ll start off small .w. i appreciate constructive criticism and help ~
*feeling compelled to try going back to MT and raise some gold* :'( <3
Awe Haha <3 Would love to see you on there . v .
XP well, my problem here is that since ninja patch I cannot switch servers. Whenever I pick any on the server list, even CH that is the one I play in, my game crashes, dunno why. There might be some solution to it, but since I'm not one to switch to other servers I haven't looked XD but I'm gonna try to fix that now :3

Edit: Seems I already found the reason of the crashing XD Probs will start a new character there this week :3
Oh thats great then ^.^ welcome to MT uvu
n.n thanks!
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