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TERA PC - General Discussion: Technical Test Spare codes
So I know that all codes have been sent now however, people most likely signed up more than once and probably got more than one code.

I wanted to make a post where if you have a spare code you aren't going to use post it below for those that didn't get a code to have a chance.

Most won't do this but if you feel like sharing post below [Console it's for/Region]
I was going to make a shameless thread looking for a code, but i guess i'll jump in here too.
I also saw a bunch of people giving away codes on Reddit but i missed them.
so if any here can spare a code i'd be eternally grateful.

I never played TERA yet but me and bunch of friends that played the other console mmos are dying to get inot the game and only one of my friends got a code so far.
Anyway, thanks and hope everyone gets in.
Well , if anyone got a free code to ps4 to me would be amazing , tks ps : i saw on twitter and nobody from south america got codes , im wondering if they just want NA and EU players testing it
TERA PC - General Discussion#4 Anniey12/14/2017, 03:57 AM
I mean.... haha
NA PS4 code plz :)
NA ps4 code plz :)
Got my code and downloaded the beta its 7am and its not working HELP!-PS4
It might take like 10-20 more minutes, EME is always late lol
Yeah if anyone has a spare ps4 code send it to rjizzle09. Thats my psn I would like to stream for everyone as soon as I get off work. Been waiting for this game for a long time to come to console! Cant wait for the beta either so this game gonna take up a lot of my time have.
TERA PC - General Discussion#10 Vektron12/14/2017, 07:56 PM
I would like to stream too man
TERA PC - General Discussion#11 Vektron12/14/2017, 08:03 PM
Same, i would like to stream for everyone too...
My psn is Vecktron
I would also like a code LovesLost13 is my Psn.. if any have a spare obviously thank you
Been playing for a few hours on my PS4 it's basically the same game on PC but just really buggy. I got stuck walking on some stairs and had to log out
Free code

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