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TERA PC - Community Creations: [CH] Renni Bee's Art Shop - Open
Hi everyone, I'm opening up gold commissions for CH!

Full body color: 50k
Full body color w/simple bg: 60k
Full body color w/complex bg: 80k

Full body color


Full body color w/simple bg

Full body color w/complex bg

-I am not accepting nsfw, gore, or furry-anthro commissions
-I will draw male and female of every race except baraka, popori, and amani
-I am only on CH and as such these commissions are only available to those on CH
-I will begin work on your commission after the money is delivered
-Production time will vary from 5 days to 2 weeks depending on the commission
-Please expect my signature to be on the artwork, though small and unobtrusive

Money for commissions should be sent to Yeriss on the Celestial Hills server.

Please fill out this form! Refs should be in color and show details you wish to be drawn.

| Character Name: -you in game name-
Commission type: -full body color w/simple bg, whichever-
Reference Img: -link-
Relevant Info: -any other details you'd like me to be aware of- |

1) Open
2) Open
3) Open
4) Open
5) Open

Thank you!

Finished a full body color commish for Sushi! :)
Now open for a limited time to MT! :)
Here's my entry for the elin gunner art contest! Might open full background commissions like this if enough people are interested ^^
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