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View post on Tera forums#1 J63ADGCFAT06/18/2017, 09:15 PM
Playerbase and dedicated players are the core factors of a game.

First new players play an important role in the playerbase.
But there is a HUGE problem that cause new players leave and kill the player base.
It is the boring leveling stuff.
I chat with some of my dedicated friends and we all have one thing in common:
we are now playing this game more than 6 hours a day, but we quit like 5 times before lv 65, and it took me 6 months to lv from 1 to 65.
This game becomes interesting after lv 65.
But before lv 65, its just super boring, why ?

1. No goal for new players.
Some people play for better gear, some play for being rich, some play for top dps and become a skillful player.
But what goal do new players need ?
Nothing, gear is so easy to obtain and enchant without any efforts.
They don't know if they did 2% party dps or 60%.
They don't know their classes well and they don't know they need to practice into the right direction.

2. Every dungeon is pretty much the same.
It's just the boss look different and does different basic attack.
I do recommend add mechanics into leveling dungeons and show message to tell them how to deal with it.

3. This game doesn't teach new players.
I've seen healers don't know how to plague and cleanse at lv 65, because leveling dungeons never teach them how to and when to.
I've seen dps with bad rotation, wrong glyph and wrong rolls on gears because the game doesn't teach.
So they ended up using the bad skill rotation, wrong glyph in the end-game dungeon and they don't even know.
What's the point of letting players start at lv 1 instead of lv 65 ?
Its because they need to learn their class and this game.
But if you don't teach, they will still do the wrong thing when they reach lv 65.

4. Explore the world.
One of the two things that attract me to this game is the view looks so magnificent.(the other factor is elin)
But no one will do those quests and read your storyline because it gives poor experience.
So new players would keep spamming similar dungeons, lose interest and quit.

5. Commend below if you find more.

Also, Tera needs to think about how to keep current players, because i've seen people quit everyday in this patch.
We want more interesting stuff.
Spamming VSHM every day, and power hour isn't fun at all.
Your AFK event isn't fun.
Don't let AFK be your true end game.

Last but not least, fix the server lags and ping.
I don't wanna tell how many people leave because of that.
I know you are working on it, but it's far from enough.

Add your suggestion and viewpoints, thank you.
View post on Tera forums#2 ElinUsagi06/18/2017, 09:22 PM
Actually, they should reduce the xp gain for doing bams, dungeons and battlegrounds and let the main quest and side quest do the xp reward for players.
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