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Currently the only way to get a Strongbox key is through the EMP store since they took away the Corsairs Stonghold Daily (my main source of income). Will EME/BHS come up with a new way to get keys? Especially through PvP? (Need my Dyads through PvP please).
Hey all, skilled lancer with 2 years+ experience on the class.
I would like to share some knowledge about tanking, since a lot of people complain about tanks.

So here is a list of what I think is the most important aspects of tanking.

1 - Stay alive
A dead tank is the worst sort of tank :)

2 - Mindset
If you are the type of guy who doesn't care for every member of the party, don't roll a tank. Your aim should be to make the run as smooth as possible for DPS and healer.

3 - Rotation
With a good rotation, you won't have problems holding aggro, and additionally you will have decent DPS output.
- A great way of learning rotations apart from reading guides is to fight of as many BAM's as possible.

4 - Positioning
A good tank know's how to position a boss correctly. This will greatly increase DPS output.

5 - Mechanics
Some bosses can be stunned before mechanics, and as a tank you should know which mechanic you can stun.
You need to know every mechanic of every boss to be considered a good tank. This will make your rotation smoother, increase your DPS and let you control the boss at will.

6 - Buffs
Know when to buff your party. It doesn't make sense to enrage a boss at 31% HP if he will enrage naturally at 30%.
It doesn't make sense to give your party more attack speed if all of there hard-hitting skills are on cd.
It doesn't make sense to use Pledge of Protection if you save the DPS, but kill yourself in the process.
Learn when to use your buffs.

7 - Leader
Most of the times, if you have a skilled tank in your party, he will take the lead and "guide" you trough the dungeon. He will be the first to pull mobs, the first at the boss etc. A tank that is sort of a "leader" in a party will make the run much more structured, therefore more efficient.
So, if you don't like to lead people, think twice about rolling a tank

Of course this is no real guide, and it won't improve anyone just by reading.

This is just meant to be a little bit of text to see on which aspects you may need to improve.

If you have any specific question about tanking (rolls, rotation circle, jewelry, crystals, boss movement etc.) just ask!
I would love to help!


Strike from the shadows or ride into battle on a gleaming new dragon! Either way, TERA has you covered!

Slip over to the TERA Store now to take advantage of new products for our console players, including:

Rogue's Garb Smart Box, containing rogue's garb appropriate for your race and gender.
Rogue's Hood, for those special "I wasn't here and neither were you" moments.
Rogue's Half Mantle, a little off-the-shoulder number, now available in black.
Rogue's Mask—terribly comfortable. Everyone will be wearing them in the future.
Bony Visage, so we can put a smile on that face!
Rogue's Weapon Smart Box, so your weapons can look as sneaky as you.
Rogue’s Bundle, with everything listed above at a great price.
Or you can take a chance on Blackguard's Tool Kit for your roguish good looks or the Shadowlaced Loot Box for a shot at a Shadowlaced weapon skin.

Last, but not least, if sneaking around isn't your thing, show up to your next fight on the back of Aurum, a golden dragon mount, or Crimson, a fiery red dragon mount. Really make an entrance! For even more help, use an Aurumheart Dragonrider Box or Crimsonheart Dragonrider Box for a chance to pick up an HP- and MP-regenerating version of these gorgeous dragon mounts.

These items are only available until 10 a.m. PDT on Thursday, May 10! Go to the TERA Store, grab your loot, and show it off in the game!
Ive checked every character, and everyones item claim and parcel post, checked my bank. I leveled up every char to the next milestone

Still havnt recieved any boxes of any kind from the event.
Anything you can do when you know people are trading wins and throwing the match ?
I got the helmet, but I do not see the character slot? Does it open automatic? or go straight to item claim?
I'm making this thread for players to give tips to others because in the last few days I've seen some of the worst Kumas play, from new level 20s being the boss without learning the baby's form to full teams leaving the boss defenseless.
I have a liitle issue with my Lancer. On boss or BAM fights, my Lancer it is being knocked dowm too much with little hits, also when i stand up after being knocked down, my Lance it is knocked down again, losing seconds to maintain aggro and i leave the boss to hit the healer till i stand up again. Is that normal or i have bugged my Lancer?
So uh.. Why are the op bird and the crappy ones all together x-x?
It's so expensive and hard to get.....
:triumph: how many tries have you got ? And did you get the good one or the [filtered] one?
Hey there

I have both a 422 Archer and soon to be a 422 Warrior

Looking for a guild to run end game with i have 12 years MMO exp and i am not having fun trying to find a good group of like minded people to play with

PSN: thesig420
a thing that rotates all dungeons by weekly. Allow people to vote on the sever for 1 dungeon to be picked by players :D

Also add cross sever LFG. (Though enmasse can"t do this one by them selves.)

Please do a port of tera console overhaul (Controls of it) allowing people to choice from it. not the Game it self just the controls from it.

Finally "Have open flow commutation" and maybe a beta sever allows people to test on but start them with there alts on that sever so they can test endgame content or give them a "Basic endgame layout you think people should have running a dungeon. instead of beta testing it at release and hotfixing it later" I know they tried that back in 2016 or was it 2017 with the wonderhelm sever. problem was people had to reach endgame in 1 week. from level 1... to exp the new content. If they cant get people to level 65 with proper armour set not just give people level 60 scroll? and 3 sets of gear? one for leveling for 60-65 one for 4 star dungeons and 5star after you clear the 4 star.

This is a biggie for me. Please fix Tera xD (Hire someone to do it ask for the source code for tera and pay someone to optimize net code and such) <--- not going to happen but someone can dream :D


Gildia: Husaria
Platforma: PS4
Serwer: Saravash


Nowa gildia Husaria zaprasza w swe szeregi wszystkich graczy chętnych wspólnie sobie poexpić, farmić czy po prostu spędzić czas w fajnej atmosferze :P Mile widziani są gracze z bagażem doświadczeń jak i dopiero zaczynający przygodę.


Kultura osobista - wiadomo, nikt nie chce co chwile slyczec "k***a, ja p******e " itp. :P

Aktywność - Nie musisz być no-lifem, ale fajnie by było co jakiś czas razem wyskoczyć na kilka dungów :P

Poczucie humoru - Bo lepiej się śmiać niż płakać czy spinać :)

Czat głosowy - Wolisz rozmawiać niż pisać ? My też! Co prawda dopiero zaczynamy i nie ma nas wielu ale chcemy się rozwijać i stworzyć własną społeczność.

Co możemy dać ? Siebie.
Jako początkująca gildia nie możemy zaoferować wiele. Wspólny exp, wymiana informacji czy luźne podejście do tematu oraz pomoc nowym graczom.

Jeżeli chcesz tworzyć z nami gildię pisz! W grze można nas znaleźć w wyszukiwarce gildii, bądź jak macie pytania,
IGN: Avaar

For the love of god fix this stupid auto server login....and it doesn't even do the same server everytime! IT IS ANNOYING AS ALL GET OUT!!!
Very annoying being automatically logged into some rando server everytime! I know it is a known issue, but SHEESH IT IS ANNOYING! Just venting.
Hey all,

This is my first time playing Tera and so far i think it is really great. The only drawback is that all my friends are not into games like this and i think this game would be better playing with friends. So if anyone wants to play sometime with me that would be great! Im on XB1 GT: SDA Cypher

I have two characters a warrior lvl 38 and an archer lvl 34, not exactly sure which one i like more but definitely looking for pointers.

So it worked last night.. party failed.. went to sleep and woke up..now both available dungeons are greyed out.. can’t select anything.

Already reset, morning.
Did any of you play multiple races on lancer, and then chose a race that wasn’t one of the “meta” races (Elin, Melf, Aman)? Curious as to how much difference you actually see in them. I am playing on console, and yes, I know this is the PC section, but I figured I’d have a better population to ask here. Keep in mind that playing console has its definite drawbacks to PC, like input reading seems to be a bit slower (making “skating” very difficult... or I’m just bad at it). I have tried a lancer on Elin, Melf, Aman male, Human male and female, and while Elin did feel quicker overall and Melf Shield Barrage did feel faster, I honestly hate the aesthetics of both. I am not really a fan of male Cast (the horns have to grow on me) but I think personally they have some of the best looking heavy armor. So, for someone who at this point isn’t planning to min-max (keywords “at this point”), if I played male Cast, would I really be that hampered by the slower animations? This is strictly for PVE, no desire to PVP.
i cant see anywhere what the bonus/rewards are ..i didn GL a lot today and still i dont see anything extra in my inventory
Why does thunderstrike always chain into lethal strike even while in intimidation stance? Lethal strike can't be used in intimidation stance.

Also, the axe block -> axe counter bug will be fixed right?

I understand that Berserkers are much better as dps. tanking is just fun sometimes.
My purchased Caddy pet doesn't have an inventory option. It may be user error or it could be bugged. Anyone else having pet inventory issues?
Orisk server

Twin Dragons are currently recruiting, We are a friendly Guild of casual achievement hunters and extreme endgame fanatics who will help you understand the game as you progress to max level.
There will be In game fun like hide & seek for item giveaways and future emp prizes.
Our Xbox Party chats are always open, we also have Discord.

Most of our members are 18+
Age requirement is 16+

Please message one of the following on xbox to join the guild or to get answers to your questions.

GuildMaster: DoctorWhotaku
Co owner: Xv Insanity Xv
Officer: DigitalDollyEh
dear members,
recently I opened a ps4 only community site for Tera players
I would like to have a logo created to fit the theme.
anyone who has spare time and is interested?
contact me thank you ^_^
ok, they tell me that the Sorcerer got a small up grade, my friends said to look in the patch notice, well the newest patch notice I got is Dec. 2017, nice right, and with the Verdas's Journal, only 1 of my 6 players got the Journal, not happy, Snuffy44
I think i supposed to be item level 431 but im still 429. why?

Every time I roll for an item my game freezes and I need to close the Application and rerun it to be able to play.

Is there any solution?
Hi all,

I don't know if anyone can advise me on what crystals I should use, I have 6 characters level 60.


I don't know if anyone can do a guide on Crystals for each class please & thank you in advance
We are a newly formed guild seeking active members to grow with. Our aim is to have a decent group of characters who seek to have fun with each other through shared experiences. If you are new to the game, a veteran of the PC version, casually playing, or looking to play seriously, we have a spot for you!

We look to get everyone through the game to endgame where we can do raids, dungeons, and more. We will help with learning any of the game mechanics and will assist you with story and optional quests.

We will begin upgrading the Guild as soon as Tera releases the guild board.
This is my first time trying Tera and I am playing on console.
Not sure if this was already raised before, but one of my main complaint with the game right now is that the camera is always being blocked by objects causing you to loss sight of your character. This is very frustrating specially mid fight where you will get hit by an attack when it could have been easily avoided if you can see what is happening to your player.
Lots of games have avoided this issue by making the camera zoom in if there is a blocking object in between your character. Better yet, make the blocking textures transparent so that you can maintain the distance between the character and the camera while retaining visibility.
One of my main draw to this game is that combat is very good. But with camera being blocked especially at some crucial moments, it is super frustrating.
I hope enmasse have acknowledge this problem and have something on the way to fix this.
I ran into a interesting bug combo last night while playing tera with my roommate. We were in a group doing story quests and he brought us into a instance group while trying to claim a vanguard quest. when we left the group and remade a group with just us our health was purple like we were poisoned and then we had our mini map stop working.

a relog fixed it but I thought it was interesting.

PS4 region NA server Dracolith
So let me put it out there, this is a rant and i do have a mystic with 421 item level and i dont suck at my job.

Now to the rant, im honestly at wits end with all these trash healers who are complete morons who have no idea how to heal or that its not their choice but their damn job to keep the team alive ( and at full hp at all times if possible )

When you pick a healer you pick it because you enjoy saving others and keeping the team healthy you sacrifice your own agenda for the greater part of the team.

Now that top part was for healers in general the rest is for you dirty lazy [filtered] Mystics slobs who are a disgrace to healers of any game.

Your orbs are not your main source of healer when someone needs health. Which btw if they arent full hp than your [filtered] better be already trying to heal them ita your job. If they aint full hp at all times ( obviously depending on crazy circumstances like liliths 629 different aoe attacks ) then you're failing as a healer.

You have a target heal that barely has a 2 second cooldown melee character specifically slayers and berzerkers ( who do the most substantial damage ) do not have time to stop dealing damage or blocking or you know anything that matters to walk back and pick up your health orb because you're lazy af.

Healers doing damage is irrelevant, late game when you unlock certain glyphs you'll be using a skill that lowers endurance by 9% and has a low Cd but no matter what healing takes precedence over any other thought in your tiny brain, and yes im directly insulting all you trash healers all of you who do this and have done this know who you are and only the baddies will respond in a negative way to this thread.

Its funny though because all of it is true and the team isnt doing anything wrong yeah sure you get bad players who dont know how to use their class and sometimes dungeons take longer but if you suck at healing or dont care please pick a different class.

It enrages me as you can tell by this honestly meaningless post that you trash healers ruin the game.

On a side note for anyone who reads, Mystics are Superior in everyway to priests. Just fyi if you wanna come over to the winning side.

P.s lillith is a [filtered] boss
Hiya all,

Just started Tera yesterday and got to lvl 20 easy. I know nothing about the game, but am having a great time learning new things. Is there anything I should know or tips on the game that would help me?

Thanks so much, and I look forward to getting you know some new players and info.

PS. Still don't understand buddy codes, and since I'm lvl 20 I can't use them, correct?
So I been trying to get into playing the reaper class for it's speed. I have a very hard time keeping locked on a moving target. It may just be that I need to "git gud." Would love some feedback or tips!
I decided I needed a little practice with the new skills and I need to know how to get back to the Soul Portal thingy. In Velika, the npc at the pegasus port pad isn't there to send me back. Anyone know to get back there? It was Elenea, yes? Just going back to Elenea is the normal area with no dragons in it. Thanks. :)
I have a 65 Sorc and 50, archer. I want to make a rogue character now and Warrior seem to be the closest outside of reapers, but I hate Elins.

The complexity is top bar it shows, but people have said it's from the Tanking. (2013 posts).

- do they have any/good AoE?
- is the combo/class/attacks fluid feeling?
- when does the class start to shine/get a feeling of what it'll be?

Any pros and cons about the Warrior?

(I tried posting this in console setting but keep getting an error code and grey Post bar)
So level 65 dungeons REQUIRE you to use a battle solution. Except that i am already under the effects of my Everful Nostrum and the game doesn't recognize it as a solution and the dungeon never starts.

Since these forums seem to be as poorly setup as this game right now, I will post this here since it will not allow me to do so in the correct forums.
It's like 27 degrees Celsius here and I like it! B) B)
I wanted to get some other opinions on this. I read up on the gear revamp update that the PC version got, and I know that gems are used in upgrading/enchanting gear, at least emeralds and diamonds.

Now what I wanted to get everyones opinions about is whether to keep gems or sell them, especially emeralds and diamonds, since we got diamonds with the leveling event going on. I imagine the gear revamp probably won't be happening for a few more months still, so I wonder if we should even be thinking about it right now, or if we should just consider gems as gold.

What do you guys think?
^Nowhere on there does it mention that having the ability running drains 200 mana per 2 seconds.

That really seems like something that should really be mentioned in the tooltip.
  1. Present box not given on some characters.
  2. UI from talking to NPC being stuck on screen after leaving said NPC.
  3. VIP benefits have expired still randomly popping up on screen.
Made a new character last night and noticed that i got a present box after a certain point on it. On my main account however I never got the present box? Is anyone else having this issue.
PC has this, and I don't see why console doesn't. It's hard to coordinate groups without this unless the players are friends or guild mates.
Curious, to me it seems like having 9% attack speed top roll could potentially be better DPS than the Enrage due to the new skills, stacking edge even faster, animation cancelling, and just overall smoothness of the gameplay.
Thoughts? Opinions? What do you think is better/why.
Hey Guys, ignore the forum name, My name is Raggu. I am a PvX type player with a friendly, welcoming personality, and very open to learning. I also have discord if you'd like to invite me to your server. I was wondering if there was any information of the game populations, its fun factors, and any interesting things about the game itself. I also want to know if anyone is looking for a newbie to teach the game, or a guild willing to help me out, and get me into the game. I am eager to hear from you all. Hope to talk to you soon. ^^
Ok I have played a hell of alot of games online from wow, Guild Wars 2, Destiny and a few others but i swear to God this game needs a Ignore feature more than any game I have played with the constant perverted bs in chat as well as these annoying ***king Spammers begging for Gold. EN MASSE As long as your going to allow these things in chat i am demanding a ignore feature because i know dam well children are playing this game (Even if people don't like it) and some of the [filtered] being said in chat is something they should not have to see. Last and most Important of all do something about these dam Gold sellers if your not going to give us an Ignore feature
Official Tera PVP DISCORD!!! If you have any questions or help feel free to join https://discord.gg/TfBkyWb
Official Tera PVP DISCORD!!! If you have any questions or help feel free to join https://discord.gg/TfBkyWb
Hi. I have tried to finish the dungeon but every time I try to do something the monsters life resets. When holding off the dark wardens they event resets .I skip to the last event and the crystal gets to the 7th life bar and it gets the whole 10 bars of life back..I have seen this done with even me doing /reset to the dungeon. My wife does the same dungeon but she successfully completes it twice yesterday.
I’m on Nyraxxas and have tried queuing for Fraywind canyon all week and it has never popped. Is it or cross server? Am I on a dead server?
The tooltip for Intimidation Stance states that "all charge skills except for Thunder Strike and Vampiric Blow" are disabled while Intimidation Stance is active. Lethal Strike is not a charge skill; thus, Lethal Strike should still be available while Intimidation Stance is active.
I've just started playing Tera and I'm having a lot of fun on the PVE server. My only issue with the game is that I'm an ESO player and exploring the wilderness is one of my favorite pass times. On Tera I'm really getting tired of running into invisible walls and using the teleportals are cool but I wish I could just ride my horse to my destinations. Will Tera ever allow us to do that or are we restricted to the particular zones we travel too?
I haven't played in a very long time and can't seem to remember how to hide/disable/remove that chat window. You can somewhat resize it a little but its still an annoying visual box on my screen. How does one hide it, or disable/remove it from showing on my screen?
On start up it'd freeze every few seconds of playing intro's and loading in. sometimes it'd freeze when picking character.

In game freezes too.

I basically can't even play. Haven't had this problem before but I'm trying to get back into tera and game just keeps freezing.

PC specs:
GPU GTX 1080
16 GB ram
Drivers are updated
"Guinea Pigs" Now has open recruitment! Help us grow, we also like cake! CAKE OVER ERRRTHING!
What we need:
Step 1: Allow a bunch of players in every server to become chat moderators.
Step 2: Allow those players to instantly mute the adbots.
Step 3: Have World Chat be bearable/welcoming to both new players and existing players alike.

What we have:
Step 1: Log in.
Step 2: Immediately see half a dozen adbots spamming World Chat literally non-stop.
Step 3: Attempt to block the adbots.
Step 4: Watch those adbots either get unblocked within an hour or replaced by new adbots.
Step 5: Continue attempting to block/reblock the adbots.
Step 5: Repeat that several times a day every single day.

Don't even get me started on the fact that even if the blocking did actually work, it isn't a fix. It's a band-aid that ignores the problem - the fact that the bots need to be muted for everyone and that it needs to happen pretty much the moment they appear.

Unless En Masse likes the idea of players quitting the game en masse, then they seriously need to fix this issue sooner rather than later. Having the first thing a new player sees be a bunch of adbots for gold selling sites is beyond obnoxious, as is expecting players to block them time and time and time and time and time and time again. I've seen loads of players already decide to quit over it and I've seen many more talk about being close to doing the same. Is that what En Masse wants?
Can anyone pls help, i started playing tera today and made a sorc. I checked my mail and i found a lvl 10 box there. I changed my mind later on and wanted to make a lancer, deleting my old sorc since it had a name i wanted to use. Then i found out that the level up box is an event item and only one character can recieve it. Is there any way to get it back? I even tried making a new char on a new server and its not there. Pls help, if i cant solve this, itd be such a discouraging thing to play the game
So how how high is the population right now on the PS4 and which is the most populated server?

Tempted to try this and swipe a pack to get some nice cosmetics while I'm at it but wouldn't want the game to turn into a ghost town a few months in after throwing down the shekels. ^^
The event idea itself was cool and all but not the influx of gold that they brought with it. Who thought it was a good idea to flood a new game with that much gold? A normal player earns around 15-20k by the time they hit 65. The event gives lvl 65 players an additional 40k or if it glitched out and gave you 3 boxes 120k. This has caused broker prices to jump an average 500% and its horrible. With this much gold now circulating theres no telling how long it will take prices to stabilize now.

Please no more events with huge gold rewards.
I am 4 steps into Memory Lost quest that you get at level 65, I regretfully teleported out of the area where Rimun [Hall of Knowledge Keeper] teleports you too. Now my question is how do I get back there? I can't teleport through Rimun anymore, I am stumped someone please help me.
Baracos' Trial and Celestial Arena hasn't completed.

Thats 2 of my T10 Vanguard Dailies stuck on 0/1 progress.

Currently Item Level 414.

Also a comment from another player:

SDarkOmenS (Ps4 UK) - Today at 23:37
Hi just a quick comment to inform you that the daily vanguard quest for baracos dungeon isn't working properly, i completed it twice today i got payment for one run but my 2nd run hasn't given me my items and the progress on the vanguard page says 0/1, but my ace dungeons shows i completed it twice with max entry count showing 0
NOICE! I really like this leveling event going on! Tons of goodies, and a free character slot when you hit 65! WOWZA!
The Police Dept (The Police Department)

new guild in Tera on the Melkatran server is recruiting all levels skilled or noobs to join as we hopefully go to the top! We currently have level 65 guild leader (GT: Brandon500xl - InGame Name: Shlut) and two awesome officers at the moment (GT: UnderWrldQueen InGame: QueenStar & GT: Big Tyler 08 InGame: Vera_Moon) PM any of us for questions. If want to join Press start go to guilds on server & hot apply to join! Let’s “Serve & Protect” how we see fit! Plus can pull over players speeding on their mount B)
The Police Dept (The Police Department)

new guild in Tera on the Melkatran server is recruiting all levels skilled or noobs to join as we hopefully go to the top! We currently have level 65 guild leader (GT: Brandon500xl - InGame Name: Shlut) and two awesome officers at the moment (GT: UnderWrldQueen InGame: QueenStar & GT: Big Tyler 08 InGame: Vera_Moon) PM any of us for questions. If want to join Press start go to guilds on server & hot apply to join! Let’s “Serve & Protect” how we see fit! Plus can pull over players speeding on their mount B)
Please go to their Facebook page spam all their photos I did a random Chinese guy PMed me all pissed then blocked me guessing the owner spam PM him and spam his post saying scam so he gets not sales! Also they need to not allow you to post multiple comments that fast. Not to mention it lets him spam that gold site yet I can’t even say class in chat or night because it’s against TOS?
I keep trying to open the tera store in my game but it just freezes for a few seconds then doesnt open , anyone else having this issue? :s
Priests, what do you think of the changes to our healing skills?

Focus Heal - 50% heal nerf
Restorative Burst - longer cooldown, heal nerf. 30% i believe
Healing Circle - longer cooldown, 30% heal nerf

I'm pretty upset about this. Yes we got new Apex skills, but I don't think they ease the nerf blow enough. Holy Burst has a fairly long cooldown and wont make up for the loss in healing from other skills. Edict of Judgement is a situational skill, in those very bad moments when everyone is about to die. Healing has become a lot harder and healing in PUG's will be near impossible depending on who you end up with.

This affects other party members as well. DPS will now need to start positioning more effectively. Don't expect to get healed if you're far from other party members, because if things get hairy and you're split up, Priest won't be able to heal everyone fast enough. Thankfully Kaia's Shield should give us some relief as it has always done before but it has a rather long cooldown even if you spam Triple Nemesis.
Read the little blurb on my startup screen and was pumped-an event designed to help you level with lots of free rewards-AWESOME! Then I logged into a random side character because I wanted to check some brokered items, opened my Parcel Post because who doesn't love opening them...

And now apparently I'm stuck only able to do this event on the first character I opened mail on instead of my main. Since I'd rather be playing on the character I'm passionate about instead of grinding on a side character who I'm frankly just uninterested in right now I guess I won't be fully participating in this event. I thought about sending a ticket to get it moved to the character I want but I don't think it's a big enough deal to bother them with.

Still sad I won't be doing this event on the character I love though. The blurb didn't make it sound like a committal to one deal, maybe the first box I opened mentioned it and I just didn't notice? I don't know. Just wondering if this happened to anyone else?
i just lvl up 2 characters/classes to lvl 11..and didnt get any boxes...

"As you level, you’ll get boxes at level 10, 20, 30, 40, 45, 50, 55, and 60, each full of valuable jewels to kick-start your gold bag, stat-boosting crystals to slot into your equipment, enchanting materials, XP boosts and more."

i have 2 lvl 65 characters..and i got 1 box on 1 character with:

3× Diamonds (30,000 gold!)
5× Goddess’s Blessings (for resurrecting)
4× Hardy Niveots (adds defense to equipment)
4× Relentless Niveots (adds HP to equipment)
4× Carving Niveots (adds crit chance to equipment)
50× Tier 8 Feedstock (for enchanting)
50× Tier 8 Alkahests (for enchanting)
5× Instance Reset Scrolls
1 Free character slot

isn´t this rewards just for reaching lvl 65 on 1 character /class?
is the event meant to just lvl up 1 character/class?

1. Arun's breath from mote


It says the mote grants Arun's vitae which recovers 10254 HP per sec for 3 sec.

However, in your buff bar, it is still "Arun's vitae".


2. What is Arun's breath?

Arun's breath is a buff from warding totem that recovers additional 30,000 HP when hit by titanic flavor or boomerang pulse.

So basically

- place totem > lock on heal
- place totem > boomerang

are supposed to heal additional 30k HP.


In the descriptions of Boomerang pulse and titanic favor, they say 15k additional heal when the target has Arun's breath. It is different from the description of Aune's breath.


Indeed, regardless of the existance of Arun's breath, they do not heal more.

I really liked the Steam pack. Unlimited dyeable steam outfits for all characters. Unlimited glowing weapon skins. Great to quickly change your look on your brand new character without spending extra. Any chance we could see more bundles like this? Maybe use the outfits and weapon skins that sell less, to promote them in some way while not bothering the broker economy.

Also, I see that the newer mounts have no account bound option. Like the bunny or any dragon. Can we go back to this practice? Please? I'm not spending the 300$+ required to buy a specific mount to all my characters. Much less for a non premium mount.
I'm sure the warrior chain is broken - vortex slash > blade draw by pressing X.
Evasive roll to vortex slash works with X but when the prompt appears to activate blade draw it won't work.

Am I missing something obvious?
Greetings, i'm having this issue since Male brawler patch, already tried system file check and didnt solve it
Any suggestions? I have no modded files within my game's folder, im not using Proxy, none of that. But i have like 4 years with this game instalation... Not sure if that could be the root of this issue. Thank you in advance.
Good evening.
I contact you to report a game bug.
On the day of the day an event was released where a mail box containing emeralds and diamonds was sent to the merchant.
MANY users have received 3 having only one character.
Having only 1 character I only received 1.
I do not find CORRECT for people like me who wanted to buy mounts or cosmetics fal broker and could not do it because people who received 3 cases has virtually emptied the broker leaving us "poor" with no possibility of purchase because of your bug.
Who received the 3 cases received by mail, 3 messages in different languages:


So I ask CORRECTLY to be compensated as I spent money for tera and bon accept these bugs for the benefit of certain players.
I ask if I can also be compensated for this sum in gold, since my friends also found themselves with 3 cases and have earned 150,000 gold, 3 characters slots etc etc AND I ONLY 1 character slot and ONLY 40,000 gold.

Game on the xbox one Console version.
I await news and if possible a compensation and I hope you appreciate my report.
All the videos I have seen about 65 content are about dungeons. I was wondering if its possible to just grind mobs instead or do other stuff to get gold and buy/make crafted gear instead of just doing dungeons all day, as the endless dungeon grind is probably the main reason i quit WoW.

So basically all I want to know is if there is anything relevant to do and any way to progress without just running dungeons all day after you hit max level?
Hi enmasse,

Making this post because I was told to by support after getting my ticket answered. Essentially we server first cleared sky cruiser hard mode and were supposed to receive the title "storm chaser" for doing it. I know you guys said you were fixing feats, achieves, and trophies during the last maintenance but still haven't received the title. No one else in my group has either. The support staff asked me if I had received the title yet, so I'm assuming it's supposed to be in game. Just like it is in PC. He said the game randomly updates with titles. It's been over a week now, still nothing.

Wondering if we are ever gonna get this title, or why we haven't yet! @CobaltDragon @Denommenator

We tried super hard to be server first, so we would like to know what's going on!!

Thanks for answering.
Look I don't know what you guys thought console was going to be like but people don' have the chance or the time to run a dungeon for a 10 - 20 Feedstock reward at endgame. The only viable way to actually get Tier 10 feedstock is to make a Reaper, max it out, convert all the Tier 9 and delete that character. This is a cruel and unusual grind for gear. Clearly there is a lack of respect for our money and time.
Hello, I'm new to Tera, and I'm just wondering what the going ratio for EMP to gold for the consoles right now? Also, does Tera have EMP sales (x2, for example) like other MMOs? Thank you!
First off, i did try to search for this, but couldn't find any results.

I have a Founder's Account, and last played TERA three years ago. At the time I didn't get much into it, and the highest level I got to was 20. Now I'm itching to give it a go again. I have a bunch of low-level characters (lvls 2-7) that I'd like to delete and start over, and before doing so, I was wondering if there's anything I should be aware of? I know in games like Guild Wars 2, each toon gets a birthday gift each year on the day they were created. Is there anything like that in TERA? Anything in inventory I should save? Sorry for the noob questions!
It makes sense if they are trying to get people to 65 to prepare for whats next

what do you guys think ?
I know not a lot of people (if any) care about this. But thanks to the character increase to 20, I got to own a character representing each class in TERA + one of each class represented as Baraka! Here's the result!


This is the last Baraka I needed: A Berserker one!


If you main any race, this would be a great time to show it off!

Rank—or, in this case, level—has its privileges, and if you hit level 65 with any character in TERA on Playstation ®4 or the Xbox One by Monday, May 13, you’ll see exactly what we mean!

As you level, you’ll get boxes at level 10, 20, 30, 40, 45, 50, 55, and 60, each full of valuable jewels to kick-start your gold bag, stat-boosting crystals to slot into your equipment, enchanting materials, XP boosts and more.

Any character (limit one per server) reaching level 65 before the cut-off date unlocks the final box full of special rewards, including:

3× Diamonds (30,000 gold!)
5× Goddess’s Blessings (for resurrecting)
4× Hardy Niveots (adds defense to equipment)
4× Relentless Niveots (adds HP to equipment)
4× Carving Niveots (adds crit chance to equipment)
50× Tier 8 Feedstock (for enchanting)
50× Tier 8 Alkahests (for enchanting)
5× Instance Reset Scrolls
1 Free character slot
We’ll also send you, via in-game parcel post, an Eagle Warrior Helm that you can’t get anywhere else!

Don't delay! You have all the time in the world to reach level 65, but you only have until May 13 to snatch up these bonus leveling rewards.
Has any DPS warrior figured out yet how to use the awakening skills properly (Blade Frenzy, Aerial Scythe, Blade Waltz)? I couldn't find any rotation guide or anything, and it's very frustrating to play when I'm not even sure what I'm doing. These are the things that I have figured myself so far:
- Blade Frenzy should be used during enrages only (because of it's high damage and long cooldown)
- Aerial Scythe should be used whenever it's off cooldown and when I have 10 edge (it deals more damage than Scythe and the more edge I have the more damage it'll deal)
- Blade Waltz + Blade Draw should be used during Deadly Gamble as the fastest way to get 10 edge and then Scythe (instead of using Dash + Blade Draw, and then Rising Fury + Blade Draw). Blade Waltz should also be used as the fastest chain to Blade Draw, which in this case replaces Vortex Slash + Blade Draw (since it deals more damage than Vortex Slash)

However I'm not sure if all this is correct, as I've always been following guides and theories, I've never come up with any of my own. I'd appreciate help and thank you in advance!
i wanted ask when this ninja class arrived on the ps4. Would it be or not? if yes when? coming with new server or not?
Ich komme seit 5 Minuten nicht mehr ins Spiel war mitten im goldenen Labyrinth und bin rausgeflogen geht es sonst noch jemand so?
I want to try out the game for a while before buying any of the packs, especially since I intend to main Reaper.

Can I buy the founders pack later and apply it to an account that has already been played?
hey guys I'm a ps4 gamer in Turkey. I can't find tera on ps store turkey. if i download the game from a uk account can i play it from my main account? and is there an information about list of countries that have access to TERA on ps4?
Well I found in the Sorcerer skills they did shorten the time to cast the one spell, good, but then they went and shortened how long the Hail Storm spell lasts, bad, this
WAS (past tense) a great spell, the long time it lasted was great. I should of known when they made the one spell faster to cast they would take something else away.

The game has been out for a while now and not once have they told us when Gunner, Ninja, and Valkry is going to be added. What they don't realize is their are people who only like these classes and will not play Tera till they are added...I personally Like Ninja and it's getting to where I can't even play since all I want to do is play the one class I actually enjoy over all of the others.
So I downloaded this game yesterday on PS4 and was super excited to try it out.... But every time I reach the “select server” screen I get no queue or population info and if I click on a server, Hydrath for example, it seems like it tries to connect me but then the screen blanks and it kicks me back to the “select server” screen. Has anyone else been experiencing this problem? If so how does one go about fixing it. I’m in the USA in the state of Vermont.
Before the patch, while ques were at times long, queing had a pretty average and expected wait time that was fairly accurate. Sometimes a little longer, sometimes a little later but all in all it was pretty consistent. However, directly after this maintence, all that has changed. Doesn't matter the level range, the type of character (Healer/Tank/DPS) , etc, The que times have got EXTREMELY long. I mean, I am consistantly having to wait and hour+ just to get a dungeon.

Now, considering I don't believe an Apocalypse-type exodus happened from Tera in the course of a maintence, I am going on the safer bet that something got broken. Help?
I have my mystic dead, so i am thinking to erase the mystic and focus on my warrior. It is a good idea?
I want to do more damage than the usual.
Xbox One Orisk server

Twin Dragons are currently recruiting, We are a friendly Guild of casual achievement hunters and extreme endgame fanatics who will help you understand the game as you progress to max level.
There will be In game fun like hide & seek for item giveaways and future emp prizes.
Our Xbox Party chats are always open, we also have Discord.

Most of our members are 18+
Age requirement is 16+

Please message one of the following on xbox to join the guild or to get answers to your questions.

GuildMaster: DoctorWhotaku
Co owner: Xv Insanity xv
Officer: DigitalDollyEh
It seems that most of the discussions on the forums are ver advanced, and assume the user is already familiar with the game such as the UI etc... I am having difficulty finding basic info like what are the two numbers at the top of the weapon and armor profile cards, what do they represent. I am stuck with a lot of lacking info on the basic UI, what makes a weapon better, should I enchant a Teir 1 weapon all the way to 9??? What is Masterwork and when should I do it.. A basic Users manual is needed for us who are interested in playing this game, and I cannot find one. It is fun exploring the game and learning but there should be a general source for finding the basics and recommendations for playing. I have done 100’s of searches, and found nothing, if this exists please point me in the right direction... I read the Users Guide that can be accessed from here, but it just gives high level overviews on what can be done, it does not say how to do it.. Please help, and Thanks in Advavnce!!!
Do tanks require perfect stats/crystals to viable tank or is it more based on player skill. For example, healers are not as gear dependent to be effective as a DPS.
There seems to be quite a bit of conflicting info about the changes to zerks since there isn't just a cookie cutter guide anymore. Last night I was playing around with my zerk trying to see if I can find the most optimal setup for him now. I'll post it below and then hopefully we can get some other experienced zerks in here as well to either correct the areas you feel are wrong. Maybe then we can come to a good standard build to push out to other players that may be less experienced. This is a copy of a post I made here so check both in case a good point gets made there.



There's not really a good way to share glyphs and I'm not at my computer to take a screen shot. So I'll just say the glyphs I'm using. I may get a pic in later if this method is just too annoying to read.

Thunder Strike - All glyphs except hp consumption glyph

Flatten - All glyphs

Fiery Rage - Only the flurry increase glyph

Cyclone - All Glyphs

Vampiric - Only Skill Damage glyph

Lethal Strike - Skill damage amp and double crit glyph

Triumphant Shout - 12% healing glyph

E smash - All three

Mocking Shout - Speeds cyclone charging



The rotation that feels good to me atm is:

With Fiery - TS>Vamp>Cyclone(pray for reset)>Lethal

Without Fiery - TS>Vamp>Mocking>Cyclone(pray for resets)>Lethal>Raze>Flatten

I'm not sure if this is the best min/max. But it's working pretty well for me.


Apex Rotation

This is the one I'm still toying with and could really use the collab on. From what I can see the point is to get your stacks up for Beast Fury so the only rotation I'm really seeing that maximizes that is to alternate sinister and dexter until you have their 5 stacks and the 9 stacks for rampage. Then spam rampage until you have the 9 stacks for Beast Fury. Then pop Beast Fury. So what I was trying to use was the rotation below because using rampage doesn't seem to reset the stacks. But using Beast Fury does consume the stacks.

(Sinister>Dexter>Rampage)x10 > Beast Fury

That seems to give you all the stacks while still putting out decent damage. I dunno. I'm just guessing based on the stack interaction. It could be possible that beast fury isn't even worth it. I haven't done enough testing yet to tell.

In conclusion, I love the changes. It breathes new life into an old game. I min/maxed for years and then took a pretty large break from the game. But, I'm back. And I want to be at the top again. Just because it is the internet lets keep things on topic and keep the trolls to a minimum. I'd really like this thread to be constructive enough to be something we point new players or struggling players to.
Hi I'm posting this just in case there's people who don't know yet, and also because there's no actual class guide post-awakening.

Even though it's not listed in the skill description, Blazing Thrust chains into your usual combo skills, which are Overhand Strike, Eviscerate, Measured Slice, and Decimate.
Also, after using the first strike of Blazing Thrust, you will be animation locked unless you chain into the skills stated above (or Unsheathe) first, or use the second strike to remove the animation lock.

Hope this helps someone and have a good day.
New Sorc here and just trying to get a run down on the combos and skills Sorc do on slept or stunned targets?

I tried Void Pulse into Meteor but void pulse moves quick and they can dodge the meteor sometimes.

Also I am console if that matters.

Help me out master Sorcs!
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