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I'm a bit sad that the quiz event couldn't happen in time for the anniversary, but after much planning around it I am determined to see it through. The problem is that there is a major bug discovered relating to the event so now we're talking with Bluehole to see when it might be fixed. :cry:
Guys please, you said you have a lot of events to celebrate anniversary and bla bla bla. We are tired of the grind and the RNG......Sales here, sales there (i know its a business but we are not stupid)....go to this dungeon the entire week to get a 0.1% chance to get something its not an event, its not even fun anymore, its just frustrating. You have a huge world to exploit and you don t even use it........
Third week of anniversary, friday, no announcement about a new event for the weekend. To be honest I´ve lost all my hopes for this anniversary

Hey, I'm sorry about the lack of communication on this. The Quiz Bowl event is bugged and we've been pushing for a fix, but it hasn't arrived yet and won't be deployed during the anniversary event.

It's a pity, too, because I know it's something Spacecats was excited to share with our players.

We've definitely heard player feedback for extra events and ways to earn anniversary rewards, and there's a news post coming today...
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