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Thanks to everyone that participated in this event!

Everyone should have received their Cold Duck footsteps - if you didn't please make sure to check your inbox, I've inquired to folks that either have missing info or maybe changed character names. If you're missing your footsteps, make sure to ask your friend that made the post, as that's my point of contact.

Thanks again, you're lovely!
@DorothyI What I mean by one character, if you submit multiple photos, that particular character will only be rewarded footsteps once.

e.g. Taco.King submits 3 photos with different friends, Taco.King only gets 1 set of footsteps.

I hope that helps! I also do want to encourage more photos, but if you have other characters, then use them too! Give them love too!
@RenniBee @Gingerlover @D9MPY4GAFR @metagame @Vy1Vivi @KXRC9JMW74 @seraphinush

I've updated the post to hopefully answer all of your questions!

Let me know if you have any others and Happy Holidays! I appreciate your questions :3
Wintera's first Community event! (December 11th - December 23rd)

Get up to 5 folks from your guild and take a holiday screenshot! Send it to this forum post – make it ooze holiday feelings and you’ll be rewarded! Make sure to state your character name (and others in your picture) to all receive your reward (those cute Cold Duck footsteps!)

Happy Holidays everyone! :)
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