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Werid wrote: »
found one in kanstria i guess is open world

Pics or it didn't happen...no really, send pics of you finding a Caiman. And if you got a bunny accessory or prototype mount then show that off too.
Ellexem wrote: »
At least if the staff post about 5 mobs spread across all channels is to be representative of the new approach. (With more emphasize on the across channels rather than the specific number.)

The tool does spawn across all channels of the zones, that's true.
I kicked the spawn numbers up quite a bit from my earlier test caiman. It is meant to be an easter egg hunt so you aren't going to be swimming in them.

And if you are unlucky Friday and Saturday, I'll kick the spawn numbers up a little bit more on Sunday. Just a little though.
As of the time of this posting:

1072 Caiman with expired chocolates have been killed
559 Caiman with Easter accessories have been killed
186 Caiman with Prototype mounts have been killed

Want some hints? They may be spawning in the following regions. (And by "may be" I mean I literally copy pasted from the tool.)
Fey Forest
Oblivion Woods
Tuwangi Mire
Valley of Titans
Celestial Hills
Ascension Valley
Serpentis Isle
Jagged Coast
Mistmoor Island
Cliffs of Insanity
Vale of the Fang
Paraanon Ravine
Colossal Ruins
Basilisk Crag
Lake of Tears
Aurum Road
Blessing Basin
Essenian Crest
Timeless Woods
Balder's Refuge
Tempest Reach
Mount Tyrannas
Frost Reach
Tor Exsul
Sienna Canyon
Quarantine Zone
Feral Valley
Tirkai Forest
Khanovar Front
Vale of Spires
Plain of the Damned
Darkquaver Woods
Susurrus Woods
Amena Quatla
Savage Reach
Ex Prima
Spring Valley
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