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AMFKKM74E7 wrote: »
pirate costume

ARGH, MATEY! You'll see these in August in there ARRRRRRRGH
Teekz wrote: »
Can you guys add back all the loot boxes. Instead of forcing players to spend $50 on whatever particular day you decide to have anything good up?

Loot boxes will be cycled from time to time for those that want to try their luck with that instead of direct purchase. I was actually thinking about this the other day - perhaps when I post an item that is OUT of the loot box, I also can add the loot box in the daily deal for anyone interested in trying that method.
Enishii wrote: »
alice dress and hello kitty uniforms :)

Alice - probably won't ever happen.

Hello Kitty - will NEVER happen.
urmineboi wrote: »
Please don't be Sexist EME. There are also players that likes to buy male exclusive costumes too.


RassleMania Smart Box
Ready To Rumble Smart Box

we also exists!

You'll see those closer to Halloween time.
Zoknahal wrote: »
Fair enough. i probably should had read up before posting, but at least i got some good info from this little slip of mine: Why all of the forums hate you @ElinUsagi

I still want the summer wrap. Is probably one of the most requested items here to be released into the daily deals.

Sorry, Summer Wrap won't be in Daily Deals for summer this year. Loot box only.
Eternally wrote: »
♦ Footsteps: Chromatic Kkultteok Plate (or the Blue/Pink versions only)
♦ All school uniforms
♦ All maid costumes
♦ All swimwear
♦ Elin colorful cat club costume

Dyeable versions of these if possible + direct purchase please ♥

Just an FYI - 2017 and earlier swimwear will start appearing in the Daily Deals next Thursday (first day of summer!); the new swimwear will be released in July.
@KitTeaCup Celestial Costume and Angelic Wings when? :'(
Celestial Costumes and wings will be released next Thursday, June 21st.

The Angelic and Supernal weapon skins are up next - releasing tomorrow.
Airanna wrote: »
I want sometimes offers of free items and costumes through codes like it's done in Closer and Kritika's Daily deals :3

You already get daily free items via the calendar, which Kritika and Closers don't have.
@CassandraTR As the newbie, I need a little more context.

Could you please specify what the fashion coupons were for and what shop updates do you mean?

We’re giving you guys the opportunity to give us recommendations/suggestions for what you want to see offered! Is there a(n) item, mount, costume, weapon skins, that you’ve been missing? We'll happily bring it back! Feel free to get old school on me, I want to see all of the cool 'vintage' TERA stuff!

We want to hear what you want, so please let us know :)

Note: we can’t bring back any of the Attack on Titan, Hello Kitty or Alice content.
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