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Athenril wrote: »
It's not like my entire party from all over the world gets lag spikes at the same time, must be my ISP.

Please read my comment.
canikizu wrote: »
@Spacecats The noctenium problem has been here ever since Noctenium was introduced. It's not the main cause whatsoever. The way it works is, every time you consume ONE noctenium, the game will make a call to server to open your inventory, search through your inventory for noctenium, and minus ONE out of it. It was just the way the game is coded, and not a bug. Even though it shouldn't be that inefficient, we didn't have problem with noctenium since it was introduced long time ago.

Ah sure that makes sense, thanks. I can see that requiring more data to be sent/received. So it's not just a matter of more skills happening in a given length of time.

So with the move to noct potions, it seems like that issue wouldn't exist. Luckily I'm not the one that has to investigate it, just pass along the info :p
The noctenium theory is interesting. I've passed it on to the team in hopes that it will help uncover some of the spiking issues people are experiencing. No doubt Gameforge has also passed it on to Bluehole since it was brought up in their forums.

As for those saying that EME doesn't acknowledge game latency, let me assure you guys that it's something we're aware of. There are definitely situations where every person in a party experience lag at the same time, and it has nothing to do with their ISP. That doesn't mean when a player is lagging that it can't be a mixture of many things. I know it's easier to look at lag as a single problem with a single fix, but it's not that easy. If you're playing from Estonia on a spotty wi-fi connection, a skywhale bumps your router, and then TERA servers hiccup all at once, you're going to have... a bad time. If you're playing from Chicago that's less likely to happen, but even local connections get lag especially during peak hours of the day.

(Playing from Australia on the other hand... flawless -_-)

What we've found is that when server-side issues occur it's typically a big spike. The whole encounter will freeze and skills will be unresponsive for everyone in the instance. There's been an increase of this lately and our Operations team is still investigating (along with Bluehole) to find out why that's the case.

When it's an ISP or server network issue, players typically see an overall increase in ping and more subtle delays in the response times of skills or inventory/menus opening. Sometimes they just disconnect completely. That can be caused by network congestion in Chicago (like if there's a DDoS attack) or any number of things closer to the player's home that will be outside of our control. That's why we ask for diag files that have routing information.

So when we say that there's no evidence of network congestion on the server side of things, please don't take that to mean that we don't believe you're lagging or that it's all in your head. It could still be game related. It could also be something outside of both your and our areas of control.
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