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Montblanck wrote: »
FYI - the Vanguards daily (which should have resetted around 4 hours ago) have not reset as well.

I'm getting confirmation on this (and an updated chart of the times, if I can), but it looks like the daily times have unexpectedly changed for VG resets.
Resetting dungeon cooldowns now that servers are back up.

The product team is still looking into why some things are not resetting as usual. It's something Bluehole will have to advise us on because it appears to be a server-side issue introduced with the latest update. Hopefully we have an answer soon.
@xChiharaMinori - Good Morning. Apparently we posted at the exact same time. ;)
Server is back tho it has not reset cooldowns. I mean daily cds. Not asking for compensation or so. Just the daily cds pls

I believe that was originally reported last night, and our Production Team is looking into it. I believe the reset times were changed unintentionally, and hopefully they can be readjusted back to the normal times.
Jinsoyun wrote: »
This server isn't up yet !
Wake it the f up !!!

All Servers should be up now, so if you're still unable to access, you can feel free to either make a Support Ticket, or PM me with a screenshot of where you're getting stuck.
It looks like each Server is coming back Online, one-by-one right now.
To address the overall issue, all Servers are being restarted.
HPRFCJWTW6 wrote: »
As an update, it does appear they have identified the cause, and are starting work to correct it.

Anyway you could let us in on this cause?

I wouldn't be able to provide the exact specifics, but it is my understanding that there was something that had caused our Account Login System to stop working, which essentially prevented any player who wasn't already logged in from being able to access, and any player that may have crashed would not have been able to log back in.
As an update, it does appear they have identified the cause, and are starting work to correct it.
I have reached out to the appropriate teams to figure out what happened and they will begin working to resolve it, if they have not already been doing so.
Thank you all for your patience.
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