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Kibeh wrote: »
Just cleared VSHM with through IMS. Solo. As well as everyone else being solo. We all asked in the beginning of the run to make sure everyone queue'd solo. And at least one person confirmed that they were a rookie.

They were all really nice people. And clearing went pretty smoothly. But at the end of the run none of the skilled players got rewards.

A disappointing end to an otherwise lovely experience.

Glad to hear it went well. We're trying to reproduce this, I'll report back with our findings. In the meantime, if anyone has success with this, let us know.
We made some adjustments to the event to include BRHM and AIHM. We also increased the rewards some. Updates are here:


We realize the requirement to solo queue is somewhat flawed, but this is the best we could do this go round.
I mentioned this upon initial announcement of the event, but it's worth repeating here:

This event was delivered as-is for us to use if we chose. We can apply it to a specific dungeon and configure specific rewards, but cannot affect the core design.

We're running this largely as a trial run to see how it's received. We'll monitor and collect feedback surrounding this specific iteration of the event and pass it along to the devs. It's possible your feedback might influence some adjustments to the design of this system in the future so please try to provide thoughtful and well-reasoned feedback (instead of insults).
VSNM event doesnt work.

I did it now, 4 skilled players + 1 rookie in instant-matching and i didnt receive my reward.

Fix it and give me my reward.........

Did you all instance match or did you group up ahead of time?
LYC14 wrote: »
Wait so it means that everyone must enter IMS as solo players and not in a party?

Serey wrote: »
I queued in VSN on my lancer with a priest (skilled) in party. The other 3 dps that were match were all unskilled yet i did not receive any bonus rewards. Does the player in the party Before queue have to be unskilled?

This event's mechanic relies solely upon everyone instance-matching to get the rewards. If you group-up ahead of time, you won't get the rewards. As Yoyama's group showed, only the random player got the reward.

It's not how I would have designed it, but that's how the event we got works. I'm sorry.
Did anyone else experience this / not receive the additional rewards after completing Normal Mode in a party that had at least one unskilled player ?
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