Hey, everybody.

We wanted to give you a quick update on this issue, regarding the Cutting Edge Valkyrie title.

As you know, we removed, then disabled, this feat from the game shortly after the class went live.

To keep with our policy of transparency, I’d like to break down what happened, and why.

Due to an unfortunate miscommunication, we were not aware that the Cutting Edge Valkyrie feat and title was active in the build before launch, and thus did not include it in our Valkyrie launch events.

To further complicate matters, a change we’d made to temporarily disable level 60 scrolls for Valkyries did not go into effect during maintenance.

These two issues combined to create an exploit which several players took advantage of in the first hour of play.

To prevent further problems, we disabled the feat as soon as we were aware of the exploit, and removed the title from all characters in all regions.

While this decision is final, we are working to identify the first few players that would have legitimately leveled their Valkyries to level 65 within the first day of play.

Once we have that data, we may arrange for an apology gift of some kind (honoring the dedication shown by these players), to be delivered during a future maintenance.