revamping some of the older weapon skin boxes (like Elleon's) that have a skin for each class except for Valkerie would be a great/easier start than something like the Steam Powered skins that only support the Original Eight classes

I'd like to see all of the premium skin boxes receive updates to include all in-game character classes, similar to how Brawler was added to the Rogue's Gallery skins in both rare/Shadowlaced and standard trim.

This was actually something we've been asking for, and it's been a bit slow, but some progress was made.
Those changes have yet to come over to Console, but Bluehole has started to go back through older Weapon Skin sets and made versions available for Classes beyond the original eight.

We attempted to include one of those changes during the release of Ninja on Console, specifically the Bloodshadow Weapon Skins, but there was a miscommunication that had occurred, and we later found out the intended skins wouldn't be available until a future game build version on Console.