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Closing Thread due to Necro.
Trappie wrote: »
I am still having this issue :/

Alright, If you haven't already done so, can you please make a Support Ticket ?

If you have already made a Ticket in the last 6 hours, can you check to see if you've already received a reply, and update that Ticket, so that we can continue to investigate ?

Just wanted to mention that we are now aware of all of the players reporting the User Authentication Failed error message, and will begin looking into what had occurred.

Just to quickly check, the most recent Forum Posts seem to be implying that their issue seems to have resolved around 10 minutes ago.

Is this the case for everyone, or is there still a lingering issue for some ?
Sd123as wrote: »
Halrath wrote: »
Customer support has a handy little guide here.

Would it be 6 accounts per IP ? And would there be a way for support to manually reset it?

You should be able to access any of these Accounts after a 24 hour period has gone by, and as long as you remain under the 6 Accounts Accessed per 24 hour time frame, you should no longer see this error going forward.

Unfortunately, if it is currently blocking access to a particular Account, there is nothing our Support Team can do to resolve it until the time frame has past.
Customer support has a handy little guide here.
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