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Hi, I am new to the game, and I have a question related to the quests ... I arrived at level 44, and I noticed that we moved from the faster level in dungeons. With that left several quests without doing, then the doubt that is is that to some consequence if I arrive in lvl 65 without doing the quest?

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Oi, Sou novato no game, e estou com uma duvida relacionada as quests... Cheguei no level 44, e tenho notado que passamos de level, mais rapido em dungeons. Com isso isso deixado varias quests para tráz, então a duvida que fica é que a alguma consequencia caso eu chego no lvl 65 sem fazer as quest?

When you get to a certain point in the Story Quest Line, I will mention that it's extremely important to do them in a certain order, otherwise you may end up killing off an NPC before he can ask you to complete other Story Quests.

Example :
Revelation of the Goddess
These Aren't the Weapons We're Looking For
The Mystery Deepens