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hmm ok i did some testing and it seems that whenever i move any UI element, and then relog it moves that UI element down and to the right a bit. i tried this with multiple items including the primary and secondary skill bars and the quest tracker. however if you do not touch the UI element after you relog then relog again, it will not move. so i guess the temporary solution is to place your UI elements above and to the left of where you actually want it. kinda annoying and i hope it gets fixed soon @CobaltDragon

Just got confirmation from Seandynamite that this specific issue had just been reported to Bluehole, so they are at least aware of it, and will begin working on a resolution.

In the short term, you can try what Montblanck suggested above.
Have it a tiny bit away from the very edge of your screen. For some reason the secondary tray being vertical does not save properly on certain machines if it's at the very edge.

Yeah, I should have added this part as well, essentially that if any elements from the User Interface (Skill Hotbar / Health Bar / etc...) are too close to the very edge of the screen (near the top, right, bottom, or left side) , the system tends to ignore that placement and revert back to a default location or previously saved location.
Based on what you have stated about the UI position not saving between relog / switching characters, it sounds like you may also need to manually clear the saved User Interface information that the server is holding onto for your Account.

You can do this by going into your UI Settings menu and clicking these 3 buttons all at once :
- Reset UI Positions
- Reset UI Scale
- and Reset all ( found at the bottom of the window )
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