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If you installed via a physical game disc of TERA, I'd recommend removing that install and instead using the Direct Download method Here.

If you had used the Direct Download method and still see that error, then most likely you have some type of Security Software that probably did an overnight update and it's now conflicting with the connection required by the TERA Launcher.

As a temporary solution, you can try temporarily uninstalling any Security Software ( Anti-virus / Firewall / Web Browser Plug-ins that are security related ) or lower Security Settings on Windows Defender, followed by a Computer restart, to see if that will allow the required connection to remain established.

Beyond that, another step that may be needed is specifically restarting the computer in "Clean Boot" , which will only allow the essential programs needed to operate Windows to load after the computer is restarted.

If still no luck, then I'm sure we'll get to your Support Ticket fairly quickly, and we can provide you with more specific steps after you have provided us with a copy of your EME Diagnostic text file.
@Nishina - Another reason that the "Unable to Unzip Manifest" error can show up in the Launcher, is when you have a slightly older version of the launcher and it can't update properly... (Either recently reinstalling from another computer's older files, or installing through TERA's physical install cd's)

If either of those two situations occurred, I'd recommend removing that recent installation, and instead trying the Direct Full Download ( http://tera.enmasse.com/download )

If still no luck, please go ahead and make a Support Ticket (if you haven't already), and we'll be happy to help further. :awesome:
Is there any chance that your current hard drive that TERA is installed to lacks around 4 gbs of free space ?
Sorry you are still having trouble @WolfieYu. I can recommend trying a couple other things:

1. Try running the launcher as an administrator (Right click on the TERA icon and select "Run As Administrator"). This is especially important if you have installed TERA in a place other than the default location. Windows tends to lock down access to folders.
2. Make sure you have enough hard drive space. The TERA game take up a lot of space, about 40 GB or so, and you need twice that space free to patch properly.

If you are still having trouble, please submit a ticket with our support team. It may take a few business days to get a response, but they are are really good at helping resolve problems for players.
We have an article on our support site that should help you resolve this issue: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/unable-to-unzip-manifest. Basically your launcher is having trouble updating itself. The article gives you a link to download the latest version of the launcher.
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