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Cheyser wrote: »
guys can u help me? could u give me the link where i supposed to put in the link of my video? i know its in FanArt@enmasse.com how do i get in?

You can upload it to YouTube (or Instagram if it's short enough) and paste the link in the e-mail. Attaching a whole video to an e-mail is usually too big to send.
mm, i've been wondering if potential winners can choose not to have their stories posted at forums or read aloud during the stream?


Explain your situation when you submit your story and we can probably work something out. Like any contest we prefer to share the winning stories with the TERA community both because they're probably great entries, but also to confirm to everyone else that submitted work what the winning entry looked like. But exceptions can always be made.

Love is in the air, and a new contest has begun!

Between now and June 18 at 11:59 p.m. PDT, write and send a tale of true TERA love to FanArt@enmasse.com. If you make it a video, you might even get a little extra flowery prize!

The top winners of this contest will get themselves a set of the new wedding outfits arriving once the contest ends. Top placement will even get a dyeable set.

We'll be holding a PART 2 to this contest and giving away even more prizes once the PART 1 winners are decided and the love stories have been told. What could part 2 entail? Hmm... are those wedding bells we hear in the distance? <3 <3 <3

For details on this contest, see the full article: http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/tera-true-love-story-contest
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