The inclusion of gear in this pack was solely intended to aid a new player in completing the first few quests in the Fate of Arun quest line. If you’ve ever used a Level 60 Scroll on a freshly made character you’ve probably noticed that it can be tricky getting level-appropriate gear, throwing you in the deep end against level 60+ BAMs that can one-shot you. The gear in the bundle was intended to mitigate that. The pack was designed to allow a new player instant access to TERA's high-level FoA content at what we felt was an accessible price point so we hoped that it would attract some people to try TERA for the first time.

The points raised in the OP regarding our messaging of the gear included in the pack are good ones. To a new player, the words “high end” have a totally different meaning than they do to level 65’s. We should’ve been more careful with how we presented the gear and recognized this component of the bundle as potentially controversial, though it was not intended to be.

As far as this thread goes, unfortunately a lot of the discussion has devolved into bickering, name-calling, and airing unrelated grievances that deserve their own forum threads. Because of that, this discussion will be closed.