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> @CassandraTR said:
> @CobaltDragon @seandynamite
> Thank you for the triple drop in BP, it is very much appreciated. The constant metamorphic tokens on every VG are also very nice.
> The additional dragon scale however, is only active on the first clear of Broken Prison, not for any subsequent clears. Was this intended?
> Thank you.

That is working correctly. The "bonus rewards" are only available on the non-repeatable quest - so you can do it each day.
@CassandraTR - I'll look into this, but please keep in mind that I may not get an answer prior to monday.
To clarify, the only thing that changed here was the UI - we moved the tokens you we already added from the bonus section to the base rewards section. The main reason is this: we can't add more than one bonus item event to anything at a time. So, these "bonus" 1350 metamorphic emblems were blocking us from being able to add actual bonus items to events like we wanted to. Now that they've moved, we are able to run events where we can add actual bonus items, not just supplementary rewards.

In reference to the double item xp guardian mission, that is also an event that we will run from time to time, but we have no intention of turning it on as a permanent setting at this time. And when I say time to time, I mean we'll see the first event later this month.
To go along with an Event we will be running this weekend, we'll be making a change to the blue "Additional Rewards" sections that are provided with each Vanguard Request.

At the moment, each one offers a set number of Metamorphic Emblems.

The change that will be made will keep the Metamorphic Emblems, but instead of listing them in the blue "Additional Rewards" section, the Metamorphic Emblem reward will be moved up into standard rewards.

This allows us to free up the blue "Additional Reward" section for Event specific rewards.

More details about the Event to come later today in a separate post.
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