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your server status page still links to the old forums.

Thanks for letting me know about that error. I'll get the link on the server status page updated.
Also changes to the Elite Gift Box:
replaced MES with BES
replaced Nugget with Felicity.
a 500 t8 FS jackpot
a 500 t9 FS jackpot
Apoth dyes replaces Fed bills.
2 Fashion Coupon Fixes for Thursday:
  • Ninja Fashion Coupon Costume icons are fixed.
  • Ninja Fashion Coupon Costumes will be previewable
  • Brawlers will be able to wear Fashion Coupon Costumes previously only available to Lancer and Berserkers*.

*That set is:
Federation Supply Hauberk
Elite Hauberk
Rock Hard Hauberk
Hauberk of the Exalted
Nepir's Silky Ice Hauberk
Well-Admired Platemail
Hauberk of the Unforgettable
Breastplate of the Vanquisher
Melsanir Breastplate
Hauberk of Mystel
Dreadwraith Mail
Abyssal Plate
Manafire Hauberk
Unusual Hauberk Template
Rage Cage
Palescale Hauberk
Ornamental Hauberk
Dragonwing Hauberk
Steamtint Hauberk
Riddling Cuirass
Nightforge Hauberk Costume
Conjunct Hauberk Costume
Heart's Cage Costume

There are some things to note. When a brawler wears some of these outfits, they will look identical to the other ones. In other words:
  • Abyssal Plate == Breastplate of the Vanquisher
  • Hauberk of the Exalted == Rock Hard Hauberk = Nepir's Silky Ice Hauberk
  • Nightforge Hauberk Costume == Unusual Hauberk Template

Feedstock will be addressed in a separate thread.

TERA Rewards not being doubled in the Vanguard Requests - So the event is on to help with the feedstock supply, but it is not rewarding double TERA Rewards. It's quite confusing so we'll be ending the event this Thursday. We will be compensating the TERA Rewards Points that everyone got from May 24th to June 2nd (So if you earned X TERA Rewards points in that time frame, we will give you X points again). At that time, we'll have another way to supplement feedstock.
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